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Big Brother 2012: Big Brother 14 Premiere Live Recap!

By: on July 12, 2012 |

The Big Brother 14 premiere is on! We’re here with you bringing you a live Big Brother 14 recap of the premiere episode of the new Big Brother 2012 season. After weeks of anticipation, wild rumors, awesome Big Brother spoilers, crazy leaks and more… we’re finally read to get on with our first Big Brother 14 recap. Are you with us? Let’s go!


This post contains Big Brother 14 spoilers about the premiere episode of Big Brother 2012. Please stop reading right now if you do not want to know what happened. You have been warned!

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Big Brother 2012: Meet Your Big Brother 14 Cast!

By: on July 12, 2012 |

The Big Brother 14 premiere is here and wow was it a crazy start to the season! We’re so excited we could dance, except that we’re also so exhausted already from staying up watching the live feeds all night we might pass out doing it…

With a new Big Brother 2012 season here at last, we’d like to officially introduce you to your Big Brother 14 cast with our in-depth profiles of all the new players in the Big Brother 14 house. We are pretty clear who the returning veterans will be this year  for the Big Brother 14 premiere as well, but we thought we’d let CBS do the whole official announcement tonight before posting profiles for them. Just for appearances’ sake, you understand.

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First CBS Big Brother 14 Eviction Taking Place on Premiere Night?

By: on July 12, 2012 |

Big Brother 14 premieres tonight but we’ve got what could be a major Big Brother spoiler / rumor on our hands from the first episode of the Big Brother 2012 season!

CBS released photos of the first episode of Big Brother 14 today ahead of tonight’s premiere and of course we were all over them. Because we’ve got our eye on EVERYTHING Big Brother, we couldn’t help but notice the photo shown above with host Julie Chen. Usually the premiere episode of Big Brother involves the Houseguests entering the house and playing their first Head of Household competition.

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Big Brother 14: Willie Hantz Houseguest Profile

By: on July 12, 2012 |

Big Brother 14 cast houseguest Willie Hantz, 34, can primarily lay claim to fame as the brother of villain Russell Hantz from Survivor: Samoa and Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, the uncle of Survivor cast member Brandon Hantz, and brother to Shawn Hantz of flipped off.

Willie, who lives in Dayton, Texas and works as a tankerman, is willing to do whatever it takes to win Big Brother 14 and gain his own level of Reality TV fame. He said in one preseason interview that he would vote his own mother off to make it to the top. He actually thinks he can overshadow his famous brother Russell and be an even better reality TV show player. Big shoes there Willie, big shoes!

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Big Brother 2012: Our Big Brother 14 Guide to the New Season!

By: on July 12, 2012 |

The CBS Big Brother 14 premiere is finally here! The Big Brother 2012 season launches Thursday night at 8PM. In honor of the CBS Big Brother 14 premiere, we are pleased to bring you our guide to the new Big Brother 2012 season.

The time every Big Brother fan waits for all year is finally here at last. The Big Brother 14 premiere will air Thursday night at 8PM. This year we have (so far) 12 new Big Brother 14 cast members and four returning veterans who will be playing a new role in the game in a never-before-seen twist for the Big Brother 2012 season. Read on to make sure you are in on all the latest Big Brother spoilers, news and gossip about BB14 all summer long!

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