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Evel Dick Confirms CBS Big Brother 14 Mentor Rumors (VIDEO)

By: on July 5, 2012 |

Former Big Brother 8 winner Evel Dick Donato has ‘confirmed’ the rumor there will be veteran mentor houseguests among the Big Brother 14 cast.

Of course, ‘Evel Dick’ earned his nickname for a reason, and as far as we know he could just be screwing with us for fun. At this point, however, there have been so many alleged leaks and strong rumors about the whole Big Brother 14 cast mentor thing, it would be astounding if some form of the rumors were not actually true.

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First CBS Big Brother 14 Cast Photos!

By: on July 4, 2012 |

The first Big Brother 14 cast promos are hitting the TV today and we’ve already posted the first Big Brother 14 houseguest videos for you. We’ll post the rest of the new Big Brother 14 cast videos for you as soon as we get our hands on them. Meanwhile, here’s a slew of CBS Big Brother 14 cast photos that we’ve collected so far from the previews that were released this morning.

So far from what we’ve seen the overall CBS Big Brother 14 cast seems, well, a little predictable in parts and rather lacking in diversity this time around. We have the obligatory ‘model’, of course, and the hot but kind of crazy looking cocktail waitress I mean bartender, the guy with the who seems hot but will probably turn out to be an a@@, and the totally weird looking dude who has virtually no chance in hell already of ever making the final three.

One interesting cast tidbit we do know so far is that Willie the ‘tankerman’ is the brother of Russell Hantz from Survivor: Samoa, Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains and Survivor: Redemption Island. Russell Hantz is considered one of the most notorious ‘villains’ in Survivor history, which makes us wonder if his brother might be cut from the same cloth…

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First Look at the CBS Big Brother 14 Houseguests! (VIDEOS)

By: on July 4, 2012 |

They’re here! Well, not here. But they’re in sequester. But they’re on our TV. Craziness! Today we got our first look at the Big Brother 14 houseguests in new promos airing on CBS.

Our first houseguest is JoJo who says “No Limits. No Boundaries”. Way to be vague, JoJo. We also learn that JoJo is a bartender keeping up with the lustrous careers of Big Brother alumni. We’re sure this isn’t the last commercial, so keep checking back with Big Brother Access all day long and we’ll post up each of the new promos once they become available.

UPDATE: 12:00 PM PT: Another new promo added featuring two new cast members! Check out the videos after the jump!

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CBS Big Brother 14 Cast News and Timeline Update!

By: on July 4, 2012 |

The full CBS Big Brother 14 cast announcement schedule has been posted by CBS to the press and the next few days are going to be a crazy time for Big Brother fans!

Want to know when you should be watching for what to be announced about the Big Brother 14 cast and information on the new season? Here’s the full rundown on the press schedule for you, at least as far as we have been informed. Please note that things are subject to change, so there is no 100% guarantee this schedule will remain totally accurate.

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CBS Big Brother 14 Media Day Video Released!

By: on July 3, 2012 |

The first official CBS Big Brother 14 media day video has been released to the public at large. The Big Brother 14 media day video gives us an even better view inside the new Big Brother 2012 house and we’re finding the new theme decorating this year very intriguing indeed.

This year, one of our partner site friends, Matt from was actually granted the coveted opportunity to attend Big Brother 14 media day to check out the house and interview the new Big Brother 14 cast. We’ll be bringing you all his exclusive videos and dish about the new Big Brother 14 season just as soon as it is posted!

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