Who got evicted on Big Brother 17 tonight? Well, so far this season it’s been one predictable eviction after another, and this week was no exception.

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Part of the problem is the terrible Battle of the Block, which we think mucks up the game big time. The other issue is that we’ve had one major group of Houseguests in control of everything for far too long. Whatever they decide is going to happen, it keeps happening, which gets a bit boring.

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds and the CBS show. Please do not proceed if you do not want to know!

When Shelli and her boy toy Clay decided it was finally time to throw Audrey out of the house because of all of her manipulations and lies, that was pretty much that. Then Audrey only put the nails in the coffin by trying to throw them under the bus, which pretty much backfired all over the place like fireworks on the fourth of July. To gift wrap her eviction for the rest of the Houseguests in a nice, tidy package, Audrey then proceeded to act like a total nutball for her last few days in the house.

Instead of fighting smart, Audrey Middleton gave up and checked out. Which is basically the gravest sin you can commit as a Big Brother player, ever. Any remaining respect any of the other Houseguests had for her went down the drain, along with any possibility of her somehow digging her way out of the giant pit she shoved herself into.

Even had Audrey truly fought to stay and worked every sane angle possible, she probably would have still been evicted no matter what once she was up on the block against Johnny Mac. Let’s face it, everyone loves John and no one feels threatened by him. (Although they should, considering he has survived four evictions after being nominated and is a competition beast.)

So tonight we said goodbye to the first Big Brother USA transgender Housguest, and the first ever HG to ever refuse to go to a Veto Meeting. If only Audrey had taken a chill pill at the start and worked on making friends and being loyal, rather than trying to control and manipulate everything, she could have made it very far indeed.

Everyone seemed to like Audrey at first, and everyone respected her courage for coming out on the show. She could have played that into strong, friendly alliances and deals and sat back while the others fell one by one. Instead, she wrecked her own game by playing too hard, too fast, and crying wolf a thousand times before ever trying to tell the truth.

At the eviction on Thursday, it was an almost unanimous vote (Austin threw a hinky vote) to evict Audrey from the Big Brother 17 house. Plus, she also earned a penalty vote for eating as a Have-Not, among other rules violations. Goodbye Audrey, we wish you could have played a very different game and would still be with us for a while longer.

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