From the Survivor spoilers we’ve seen and chatter among the fans, we think we have a good idea who got voted off Survivor Blood vs Water tonight before the show even airs. We’ve actually been waiting for this to happen for several weeks and if the rumors are true, it won’t be much of a shock when the vote comes in.

Survivor 2013 blood vs water week 6 2
We always take any so-called insider information with a hefty load of salt. However, almost all the alleged Survivor spoilers out there we have seen list Kat Edorsson on the endangered list to go out before the eventual tribal merge. The Survivor boot lists we have come across, although hit and miss so far, all put Kat as being voted out before week 7.

Thus, all the signs seem to be pointing toward Big Brother winner Hayden Moss’ girlfriend being the person who was voted off Survivor 2013 tonight at Tribal Council. That doesn’t mean she will go home tonight thanks to this season’s Redemption Island twist. Instead, she’ll have to battle it out with the two remaining survivors of this week’s Redemption Island challenge to see who goes home next week.

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