Finally, the other side of the Big Brother 21 house had a shot at the Six Shooters when Cliff Hogg III was the Head of Household competition this week. He started his week in power off strong with nominating two of the more powerful alpha males in the Big Brother 21 house, Jack Matthew and Jackson Michie. Then, the shot at the power players all fell apart.

Big Brother 21 Cliff Hogg III

Just when you thought there would be a crack in the house majority alliance, Cliff made a deal with Christie Murphy that saved her Diamond Power of Veto for later use. The deal also put Isabella Wang on the block, who has been in the sites of the Six Shooters for a while now. Will Bella be able to convince enough houseguests outside of the Six Shooters to save her game? Either Jack or Bella will be sent packing tonight!

Week Four POV Ceremony Fallout

Cliff admits that he backed away from the power move of targeting one of the “Jacks” because he is looking at his game 2-3 weeks down the line.  Now just wasn’t the time to strike according to him. He also wanted to remain a man of his word, and he made a promise to Christie. He did vow to evict Jack before too long.

Nick Maccarone approached Cliff about his decision and was none too happy. In the end, Nick knows that Bella will be evicted this week. The Six Shooters are just too powerful. Meanwhile, Bella vows to never give up hope and to fight to stay in the Big Brother 21 house.

Week Four Last Minute Deals and Dealings

Cliff has a conversation with Christie and the Jacks about working with them in the future. They agreed it would be a good idea and the rest of the house would be none the wiser. Has Cliff officially sold his soul to the Devil?

Big Brother 21

Bella is making a strong case that keeping her in the Big Brother 21 house isn’t a threat to anyone’s game as compared to keeping Jack. Bella needs five votes to force a tie breaker vote by HOH Cliff. Cliff has told Bella and Sam Smith that he would vote to evict Jack if the opportunity presented itself. Bella just needs to convince Jessica Milagros, Nicole Anthony, and Kathryn Dunn as she already has votes to stay from Nick and Sam. Can Bella pull off a miracle tonight?

Live Eviction Votes

Christie Votes to Evict Bella
Analyse Talvera Votes to Evict Bella
Michie Votes to Evict Bella
Nick Votes to Evict Jack
Sam Votes to Evict Jack
Nicole Votes to Evict Bella
Kat Votes to Evict Bella
Jessica Votes to Evict Bella
Holly Allen Votes to Evict Bella
Tommy Bracco Votes to Evict Bella

By a vote of 8 to 2, Bella was evicted from the Big Brother 21 house. During her exit interview with Julie Chen Moonves, Nick was in the Big Brother 21 house in complete tears being consoled by Sam. Bella feels the most betrayed by Christie. She also said that she regretted turning on Nicole when she was just trying to warn her that her own alliance was turning on her.

Big Brother 21

Head of Household Competition

This week’s HOH competition is called Pose In Ivy. Houseguests must hold onto their vines for dear life. The last houseguest standing wins the HOH power. Julie warned that the vines have a mind of their own and will sway in different directions. She also informed the houseguests that two of the eliminated players will receive the Poison Ivy punishment. More details to follow soon.

Big Brother 21

This is an endurance competition and will finish on the live feeds. Click the link below to jump into the action NOW for CBS ALL Access.

Join us again Sunday, July 28th at 8 PM EST/ 7 PM CST for the week five block nominations.

Big Brother 21


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