After a crazy live eviction, who won Head of Household on Big Brother tonight was a pitched battle for control of a wildly divided house. The former house majority 8-Pack alliance is in shambles, and the returning veterans are now at each other’s throats with their own chosen rookies in tow

Big Brother 18 4

Former Head of Household Bridgette Dunning thought everything was coming up roses for her and her Spy Girls allies when she teamed up with veteran Frank Eudy. After she and Frank were totally blindsided by a vote flip betrayal at the last minute, both of them were left scrambling in fear of what might happen if Frank didn’t win Head of Household this week.

After Bronte D’Acquisto was evicted by a majority vote on Thursday night, veteran Frank Eudy quickly realized he absolutely must win the Head of Household or he could be in major trouble this week. While he may not yet know exactly what is going on behind his back and who is conspiring against him, he does know that his plans to evict Tiffany were totally derailed. Which means him and his pawn buddy Bridgette are way out of the loop and in serious trouble.

For this week’s Head of Household Competition, the houseguests had to play a memory game. They were given a series of images to memorize for practice. They will now have to answer true/false questions based on the images. If they get one wrong, they are out. The last person standing wins, and they and their team will be safe from eviction this week.

Big Brother 18 Head of Household Results:

Round 1: Corey, James, Zakiyah, Natalie, and Paul are out.
Round 2: No one is out.
Round 3: Tiffany, Michelle, and Da’Vonne are out.
Round 4: Paulie is the only one right! He and his team are now safe for the week! That includes him, Frank, Michelle, and Bridgette.

Watch out Tiffany and Da’Vonne. Things are not looking so great for y’all right now… even if Paulie has been working with you recently… Because it is indeed time for war!

Big Brother 18 4

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