This season on Big Brother 13, alliances have flow fast and furious in the house. Some have stayed strong for long stretches, while others have petered out and died even before they really began.

The strongest alliance in the house — the deal between veterans Jeff, Jordan, Rachel, Brendon and Daniele — looked like it was going to rule the whole season at first. Until, that is, Daniele threw a huge wrench into the works by trying to turn Rachel and Brendon against Jeff and Jordan, all over that boy toy Dominic.

Now it seems there may be a new alliance brewing that could seriously shake things up in the Big Brother 13 house. Since this new wheeling and dealing could dramatically effect what will happen with evictions this week, we’ll ask you to click underneath the SPOILER alert below to find out more!

[spoiler name=”New Alliance Info!”]

Late last night in the Big Brother 13 house, Daniele had a sit down heart to heart talk with Jeff and Jordan. Around 3:30AM BBT, Daniele started apologizing her ass off for trying to get Brendon and Rachel to backdoor Jeff. She tells them she got scared when she saw her buddies getting picked off and tried to make a drastic move that turned out to be a mistake. She says she went about it all very poorly and she is sooooooo sorry. Jordan smacks her right back by telling her that’s the bed she made and she has to lie in it.

It is so entertaining to watch Daniele crawl back to JeJo on the Big Brother live feeds. She is SO uncomfortable and slightly pathetic in her desperation.

Still, even after all Daniele has done, Jeff and Jordan appear to see potential in her possible future use. Seemingly all buddy-buddy again, Daniele, Jeff and Jordan then dish about everything under the sun that has gone in the Big Brother 13 house. They all agree Rachel is a total crazy bomb. Shelly is the subject of much discussion about her backhanded deal making.

Jeff and Jordan tell Daniele they will NOT vote to keep Brendon from getting eliminated. If they keep to this, that means Brendon will definately be getting his butt handed to him on Thursday and end up as the first person in the jury house.

Jeff, Jordan and Daniele talk for an hour and a half before they finally wind down. In the end, it seems the three of them have hashed out a deal to squah the newbies and work together to make the final three. Daniele even promises Jeff and Jordan that if Kalia makes Head of Household again, Daniele will make sure they are protected.

Daniele says it “is a new game now” and she could be entirely right. It remains to be seen, however, if Daniele can actually be trusted this time around. Or whether Jeff and Jordan might think better of dealing with a known backstabbing biatch.

Regardless, be sure to give yourself the fun pleasure of watching Daniele beg to get back into Jeff and Jordan’s good graces at 3:30AM BBT via the Big Brother live feeds Flashback. Too much fun! [/spoiler]

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