Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Live Feed Recap – Friday, Week 4 Morning Report

Right now in the Big Brother 14 house, all the hamsters are wondering exactly what the new Head of Household is going to do when it comes time for the eviction nominations later today. It’s a fun, dramatic time on the Big Brother live feeds and it’s quite a blast to watch all the anger, frustration, tears and whining going on.

Everyone is still kind of reeling from the announcement the Coaches would be thrown into the regular game during the live CBS Big Brother 14 episode last night, even though half of them already pretty much knew it was going to happen. The outcome of the epic Head of Household endurance competition last night just made everything that much crazier.


This post contains Big Brother 14 spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds on Friday, August 3. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

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9:45 AM BBT

The houseguests are on the move and Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin is pissed. Really pissed. He’s the only ‘coach’ that voted NOT to enter the regular game and there is a good reason why. He was pretty damn sure he was totally in control and his main man Frank Eudy was going to be safe this week. As a coach, he stood a strong chance at willing $100k. As a player, he knows he is pretty much the biggest target in the house and his chances of winning $500k are not good. Who is going to vote for Boogie in the jury house? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Boogie is talking to his former team player Frank Eudy and says Wil Heuser and his buds were going to ‘scumbag’ them. Boogie wants to have a “talk” with them, and not of the nice kind. So does Frank. Mike doesn’t trust Dan Gheesling anymore after finding out about the backdoor plan. Frank doesn’t trust Wil anymore — they are both furious at him. Shane Meaney obviously can’t be trusted. In other words, they don’t trust anyone anymore. And Frank should be thinking to himself… I don’t trust Mike Boogie anymore either…

Mike is full on foul-mouthed ranting. He’s saying “f**king” every other word: ‘It’s f**king on. F**k him. F**k them.’ He tells the BB14 camera people to get out their editing beeps because he’s f**king pissed. Frank throws in his own “f**k everyone.”

They bash and bash and bash. Ian Terry is not valuable. Boogie bashes Ian for talking up how he was so smart and could do memory comps, he could win endurance comps, but he’s accomplished nothing. Frank adds that Ian made a deal at the end of the HoH comp he didn’t even have to because he was in no danger of going up for eviction. New Head of Household Danielle Murphree is a horrible liar bitch and not a kindergarten teacher. Frank says he’s pissed he had to kiss Danielle’s ass all last week and now he is supposed to again? Hell no. Boogie calls Danielle a “chubby, annoying girl from Alabama.” Frank calls her a disappointing bitch. Oh, and f**k Janelle Pierzina too apparently.

Frank tells Mike Boogie he is now the only person he can trust. I just want to smack Frank in the head for that. Now that Boogie is on his own, NO ONE can trust him!

11:12 AM BBT

Frank asks Chef Joe Arvin if Wil was just giving him lies. Joe pretty much says yes and Wil is the last person he’d trust. Joe tells Frank not to tell anyone he said that. Frank says he will talk to Wil but won’t mention Joe.

11:30 AM BBT

Dan and Danielle are as buddy buddy as ever in the head of Household room. They are planning together as if Dan is still her coach. At this point, with Dan’s gentle shoving, Danielle seems to now be leaning more toward nominating Wil Heuser and Frank Eudy for eviction. Boy, that would piss off Frank to no end if he gets nominated AGAIN. The plan would be to make Wil a pawn. Danielle does not want to try to use Chef Joe as a pawn again because he was a loudmouth, secret-spilling idiot the past week. Dan wants Frank out. They worry though about Wil because they don’t trust him.

11:35 AM BBT

The house is put on lockdown outside. All the houseguests gather in the backyard. It is all kinds of awkward. Boogie and Frank don’t even bother trying to be social.

That’s it mostly for the morning so far. Right now it appears likely that Danielle will be putting up Wil Heuser and Frank Eudy as the eviction nominees when the Nomination Ceremony happens later this afternoon. We’ll bring you the latest on that as soon as we know.

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