The Big Brother 15 cast had a slow start to the day on Tuesday, barely even rousing out of bed until early afternoon. Once they were up and about, however, the game talk was fast and furious with everyone scheming about this week’s double eviction. And yes, for some reason, they all pretty much seem to guess it is going to be a double, despite the fact that production is not supposed to tell them this stuff supposedly. It must just be magical telepathy.

Big Brother 15 Week 10 Tuesday Live Feeds Highlights (2)

In fact, production is a big topic of discussion right now both on and off the Big Brother Live Feeds. Everyone is wondering exactly how Elissa Slater decided to suddenly go from being totally against Amanda Zuckerman to being her biggest supporter in the course of an afternoon. While fans out here scream about the show being “rigged” for Amanda to win, inside the house, even players like Judd Daughtery are wondering how much the “ghosts” behind the scenes influenced Elissa to go from hating Amanda to being her new best friend.

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1:30 PM BBT: Yes, it’s already afternoon and most of the HouseGuests spent all morning sleeping and/or doing absolutely nothing interesting. Finally, we have some game talk with Elissa campaigning Andy again about the plan to keep Amanda instead of Spencer. Elissa says she thinks that Judd and Spencer are definitely working together. (They are, WITH Andy.)

She tells Andy they are going to come after her and him and that Judd has already said everyone in Jury likes Andy and he wouldn’t want to go up against him. (Well, we argue that Helen probably doesn’t like Andy one bit. Elissa asks Andy if he is on board to vote out Spencer and he says yes, he will. She says “oh my god” and is all excited. (Andy is lying to her — read all about it here.)

We take a moment to once again say WTF to this whole Elissa spontaneously and suddenly deciding to campaign to save Amanda, who she virulently hated and despised just days ago and wanted out more than anything.

Big Brother 15 Week 10 Tuesday Live Feeds Highlights (4)2:10 PM BBT: GinaMarie gets her Head of Household camera and roams around taking photos. She takes a special photo of The Exterminators alliance up in the HoH room. Just a few minutes later, the HouseGuests are put on indoor lockdown.

2:40 PM BBT: Elissa gives Amanda her wedding right as collateral to prove that she really is going to vote to keep her this week. Amanda gives Elissa her earrings on her promise to keep Elissa safe to the final three. Right now they both believe (mostly) that Andy is going to vote with Elissa to keep Amanda. (He is not.)

2:45 PM BBT: Amanda is really hopeful that she may actually survive the week and tells McCrae that she thinks Elissa is absolutely for real about voting to keep her. They talk about who would go up if one of them won Head of Household. Amanda says they should put up GinaMarie and Judd with Elissa as the replacement nomination. McCrae is not sure that is the best plan.

Big Brother 15 Week 10 Tuesday Live Feeds Highlights (6)

Up in the Head of Household room, Andy says he can’t wait until Thursday when Amanda gets voted out. He tells his The Exterminators buddies that he lied to Elissa and told her that he will definitely vote out Spencer. He just hopes Elissa or McCrae don’t win the next HoH or he is screwed. They can’t wait for the vote to come out as a tie (McCrae and Elissa voting against Spencer, Andy and Judd voting against Amanda) and GinaMarie getting to break the tie and send Amanda out the door.

2:55 PM BBT: Spencer says it would be suckage to go home while GinaMarie was HoH because of Elissa. Judd says he doesn’t think it was Elissa’s plan. He remarks how Elissa always comes out of the Diary Room with new ideas (cough, cough, production). Andy says Elissa has put him in a bad position with Amanda and McCrae. He hopes that he won’t go up next. Spence says he will have Andy’s back.

Big Brother 15 Week 10 Tuesday Live Feeds Highlights (12)3:10 PM BBT: Amanda shows Andy that she has Elissa’s ring as collateral that she isn’t lying about voting to keep her. She shows him how it has to be a real ring because it has the gold stamp on the inside and the diamond is real and everything. She says he can vote to save her without worrying. Andy says this is going to be a crazy eviction. They hug and Amanda hides the ring in the dresser by her bed.

3:15 PM BBT: Elissa tells Judd that she is worried he will team up with the guys and not work with her. He tells her that isn’t true. She is concerned he might put her up on the block soon. He says he would never put her up. Judd says he can’t vote to keep Amanda though because it would make him ill if she made it to the final two. Judd notes that production is already building sets in the backyard and wonders about that. He thinks if it was a double eviction those would be really easy builds so why would they be building it now. (The HouseGuests suspect another double eviction… we think because production gave them a hint.)

3:20 PM BBT: McCrae talks to Andy and Judd in one of the bedrooms. McCrae wants to know what Judd was talking to Elissa about. Judd says they were talking about what she would do if there was a double eviction. Amanda pops in and out.

Amanda tells Elissa that the plan to save her had better work. She says if she is saved she will be loyal to Elissa until the final two even. She says that Andy is solid on the plan. Amanda leaves and goes to talk to McCrae in the backyard. They don’t think Elissa is lying because they think she is too bad of a liar to get away with it.

Big Brother 15 Week 10 Tuesday Live Feeds Highlights (15)3:40 PM BBT: Back over to Judd and Andy is telling him and Spencer how Amanda has Elissa’s wedding ring. Judd calls Elissa a stupid b*tch. Andy says that Amanda wants his organ t-shirt as his collateral and laughs. He says it is a $20 shirt and he doesn’t even care about it. Andy and Spencer wander off to the kitchen and tell GinaMarie about the ring and the t-shirt. Spencer says that if Elissa wins Head of Household, they should tell her that McCrae wants an all guys alliance because that will freak her out. Andy says he will go with that story and back it up with Judd. Andy says he wants HoH so badly so he can get Elissa evicted. While The Exterminators are talking, Andy repeats his plan to vote against Amanda and then blame Elissa for the vote to get McCrae to target her instead of him.

3:45 PM BBT: Andy promises Amanda she is safe and plays that he is all excited and happy about it. She is totally committed to the idea that she may actually be safe this week now. She tells Andy that they need to get GinaMarie and Judd up on the block next.

Big Brother 15 Week 10 Tuesday Live Feeds Highlights (17)

4:00 PM BBT: Elissa asks Amanda if she got Andy’s shirt yet and she says no but she will. Amanda says this is such a huge plan! Elissa and Amanda laugh at how crazy GinaMarie is because she says the only bed she can sleep in is the one Nick slept in. Amanda tells Elissa that Andy is totally on board with keeping her.

4:10 PM BBT: Elissa does her yoga routine while McCrae, Amanda, GinaMarie, Judd and Spencer talk random stuff in the backyard. Apparently production wasn’t building anything interesting back there after all.

Big Brother 15 Week 10 Tuesday Live Feeds Highlights (19)4:20 PM BBT: Amanda, McCrae and Andy talk in the HoH room. Amanda says if Elissa doesn’t vote to keep her, she is going to take her wedding ring right out the door. Andy says he has the most to lose if Elissa is lying because if the vote is a tie he will lose all his trust with GinaMarie and Spencer, Judd and Elissa will all be after him. McCrae and Amanda assure him that he isn’t going to get screwed. They tell him he can always blame it on Elissa if the vote goes badly and tell Spencer, Judd and GinaMarie that it was Elissa and McCrae who voted to keep Amanda. (Andy has to be laughing his a** off in his head at this right now, since that is his plan anyway!)

Amanda thinks Elissa would not give up her ring and then not vote to keep her. She says she gave Elissa her earrings and promised not to target her in the double eviction. (Yeah, they pretty much all know it is going to be a double.) Amanda says that if she is evicted, she will say in her speech that Elissa gave her a diamond ring promise to vote for her and Andy stabbed her in the back to keep the heat off Andy. McCrae tells them Elissa will be easy to beat in the final two. Andy doesn’t even want her to get that far and win the 50k. Judd comes in and conversation switches.

Big Brother 15 Week 10 Tuesday Live Feeds Highlights (22)4:40 PM BBT: Elissa is suspicious that Andy may have told people about her deal with Amanda. She says everyone is acting weird, even GinaMarie. Elissa asks Amanda what she thinks. Amanda says she thinks Andy is totally trustworthy. Elissa says she feels better about the eviction because she just doesn’t like Spencer. Amanda says he will lie right to your face. She says if this works, she, Elissa, McCrae and Andy will be up against Judd, GM and Spencer. Elissa says final four and she’s not a stupid person and she doesn’t think with her emotion. She says she isn’t going to be dumb like Aaryn.

They talk about Spencer getting evicted and the two of them making it to the final three with McCrae. Elissa is still worried about Andy and asks Amanda again if she is sure he isn’t telling people stuff. Amanda swears he is loyal. Amanda says the people who think they are in power right now are in for a rude awakening.

Big Brother 15 Week 10 Tuesday Live Feeds Highlights (23)6:00 PM BBT: Amanda tells McCrae that she has a really good feeling about Elissa and the plan to save her. McCrae tells her not to get her hopes up too high and get crushed. Amanda says GinaMarie is about to get a rude f**king awakening on Thursday and she should have done what she was told. Amanda says she owes Elissa her life, she thinks this is for real. She can’t believe Elissa is going to vote for her after the way she treated her. (We can’t believe it either.)

7:15 PM BBT: Spencer tells Andy that if McCrae wins the Head of Household, they should go to him and propose an all guys alliance and tell him to put up GinaMarie and Elissa, with Elissa as the target. If Elissa wins, they need to tell her McCrae is trying to start an all guys alliance to freak her out. Spencer asks if they should put McCrae and Elissa up if one of them wins. Andy says yes because that way they can’t save each other if one of them wins Power of Veto. Andy says if they can get Elissa out, it will be The Exterminators against McCrae with four to one odds. Spencer says this is “playing the f**king game now… we’re f**king hardcore. We’re loyal. We’re going to kick a**, raise hell, exterminate.”

Big Brother 15 Week 10 Tuesday Live Feeds Highlights (25)

Andy tells Spencer not to freak out but to show how loyal he really is to The Exterminators, it would honestly probably be better for his game if he really did flip and vote to keep Amanda and made a final four with her, Elissa and McCrae. But he says he would never do that, no way in hell and that it would be his biggest regret in life. Spencer says if he did that he would probably not make the final three. He says he can totally see Andy winning this motherf**ker and going further in Big Brother than any gay guy. He says he would be proud to be in the final two with Andy. Andy says he feels the same and Spencer has played a great game fighting all the way back from the collapse of The Moving Company.

Spencer says the reason why he volunteered to go on the block as the replacement nominee was to save Andy stress. He says he doesn’t want to come out of this looking like “a Lawon” for volunteering to go up and then getting evicted. Andy says they are solid and there is no way in hell Spencer will get evicted. Spencer says this alliance has been the best thing for his game and Andy agrees.

7:46 PM BBT: McCrae tells Judd that once Amanda is gone, he can’t trust anyone. Judd tells him he shouldn’t. He shouldn’t trust him or anyone, it is bad to trust people in this game. McCrae is trying to draw Judd into an alliance but Judd is pushing him off. He says McCrae has a better chance to win if he is against Judd because people will be after Judd because he came back in the game. McCrae thinks everyone will be going after Elissa. Judd says Elissa keeps telling him that she thinks he is working with the guys and the guys are all teaming up. Spencer joins and talk goes random.

Big Brother 15 Week 10 Tuesday Live Feeds Highlights (28)8:15 PM BBT: Amanda now has Andy’s organ shirt as his collateral to prove his loyalty to their deal. Amanda and Elissa talk at length. Amanda is trying to apologize all over herself for treating Amanda so badly and torturing her. She says she is truly sorry for how she acted and her family is probably ashamed of her. She tells Elissa that production actually told her in Diary Room to stop harassing her. Elissa says she accepts Amanda’s apology but she is glad it is her and not Rachel because she thinks the things Amanda says really would have hurt her sister.

Elissa talks about how blessed her life is and she has everything in her life she could want except a little girl. She says her life is amazing, her man is amazing and her heart is happy. She says plenty of people say mean things to her like most people in her position who have so much because they are envious of them.

Amanda tells Elissa that the plan with her torturing Elissa was to have Andy go and comfort her so that Elissa would not put up Andy on the block against Aaryn. (Well, it’s about time she confessed that and another black mark against Andy for Elissa.) Amanda says that Andy has too many friends in Jury. However, she trusts him and only him, Elissa and McCrae.

8:45 PM BBT: GinaMarie, Andy and Spencer talk about how obvious Elissa and Amanda are being and how close they are now. They are too excited about Amanda getting blindsided on Thursday. Especially if she thinks Elissa was the one who betrayed her. They talk smack about Elissa and how she doesn’t look anything like her photos. Andy says she claims she hasn’t had any plastic surgery on her face. GinaMarie says Elissa went through her stuff while she was sleeping. Andy says she is f**king crazy. Spencer agrees.

GinaMarie says that Elissa had three rings and now she has two. (Interesting, this implies an accusation that the ring she gave Amanda was a fake ring she brought for bargaining purposes.)

8:55 PM BBT: HouseGuests have been going in and out of the Diary Room to do their goodbye messages for the eviction. Judd comes out of his session and seems VERY upset about whatever happened in there with production.

Judd talks to Andy, Spencer and GinaMarie about how Elissa is all about women and girl power and how much she loves women and why doesn’t she just marry one? GinaMarie says after the eviction, she is going to be so nasty to Elissa that she’ll wish Amanda was back in the house torturing her.

Big Brother 15 Week 10 Tuesday Live Feeds Highlights (29)

They talk about the plan that if Elissa wins Head of Household, they have to go to her and tell her McCrae is trying to make an all guys alliance. And if McCrae wins the HoH, they have to make McCrae believe that it was Elissa who betrayed Amanda, not him. Spencer says that if the ring comes up, he needs to just tell McCrae that it is a fake. Judd says this all sounds good to him. Spencers says when the votes come in, Amanda is going to sh*t herself. Andy says she will leave with Elissa’s ring and his organ shirt, oh well, it’s a casualty. Judd calls Amanda a string of nasty, vile things. GinaMarie contributes that she is a f**king wh*re.

Judd calls out production again when he says he hates Elissa and he hates “ghosts” — “ghosts” refers to production and how Judd thinks Elissa was coached in the Diary Room to work with Amanda. GinaMarie and Spencer leave. Andy says he can’t wait until Thursday. Judd says yeah, unless the “ghosts” give Amanda a power to save herself…

9:35 PM BBT: Andy tells Elissa that GinaMarie is acting weird because she is suspicious of her and Amanda being so close.

10:25 PM BBT: McCrae questions Andy about the vote and wants to know where he is at. Andy says he feels good but putting his fate in Elissa’s hands freaks him out. McCrae says they have to be ready if Elissa doesn’t flip her vote after all. He says the plan is that Amanda will be pissed at Andy and they will blame the bad vote on Elissa. (Andy must be loving this that McCrae and Amanda are doing exactly what he wanted to happen.) Andy says yeah, he will blame everything on Elissa

10:30 PM BBT: Production gives the HouseGuests liquor and most of the rest of the evening is pretty boring after that.

12:15 AM BBT: Judd says he is totally sick of hearing about how wealthy and awesome Elissa is. “You are so much better than Obama and Michele… we f**king get it you have all the money.”

Big Brother 15 Week 10 Tuesday Live Feeds Highlights (35)12:20 AM BBT: Amanda and Elissa talk in the bathroom. Amanda says GinaMarie is acting very weird. McCrae comes in. He asks Elissa if they are still good. Elissa says of course they are. She says the eviction is going to be crazy. McCrae says it will be awesome. He says Amanda thinking Judd and Spencer were working together is totally right. Elissa says Judd is not going to manipulate her.

1:30 AM BBT: McCrae tells Amanda that he does not trust that Andy is going to vote to keep her. Amanda says Andy is totally down with the plan. McCrae worries because how can Andy expect to beat either of them in the final three? But it would be a way for Andy to finally get Elissa off his back. McCrae wonders if Elissa’s ring is really real. Amanda shows McCrae the diamond and the stamp on the gold and says it is totally real.

2:20 AM BBT: Andy, Spencer and Judd smack talk about McCranda and how they’ve screwed all over the house, including in the photo booth. Judd is afraid he will go out on the double eviction again. Andy says there is no way he will.

Big Brother 15 Week 10 Tuesday Live Feeds Highlights (1)4:30 AM BBT: Amanda wants to know why Judd won’t vote to keep her over Spencer. He says he can’t because of her showmance with McCrae and how it gives them two votes. Amanda says Spencer is a big liar. Judd says everyone is a big liar except Elissa. He says she isn’t a good liar. (Nice way to help The Exterminators plan to blindside Amanda, Judd.) Amanda complains again about not getting her medication and how she can’t sleep. Amanda talks about how it would be good for him if she was around for the double eviction.

Judd says he hasn’t totally locked in his vote yet (despite just basically telling her he wouldn’t vote for her). Amanda says if she is evicted, the house will go after him and GinaMarie. Judd says he has a deal with McCrae not to put him up. Amanda is annoyed that people are making deals with McCrae like she’s already gone. Amanda tells Judd that Andy says he will vote to keep her. Judd says they will talk more tomorrow.

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