Big Brother 23 Week Four Alliance Update: Kings Rule The House

By: on August 3, 2021 |

This week inside the Big Brother 23 house the Kings are in control. They are the only original team alliance with all four members still in the game. Now that Christian Birkenberger won the Head of Household this week, they have all four of their members, and they have allies working with them all around the Big Brother house, the Kings are calling the shots…for now.

Big Brother 23 Alliance Breakdown

Although the Kings seem firmly in control, not all of the Kings’ allies agree with their target for the week. That has caused some friction in the Big Brother 23 house. Christian has nominated Whitney Williams and Hannah Chaddha to the block for eviction. Which one will be the target for the week?

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Big Brother 23 Spoilers Week 4 Power of Veto Ceremony Results (08/02/21)

By: on August 2, 2021 |

The week 4 Big Brother 23 Power of Veto ceremony happened today and things went as planned. We’re only two evictions left before the Big Brother 23 jury officially starts. This means now and next week are the last chances to do whatever it takes to stay in the house. The reason players fight so hard to make it to the Big Brother jury section of the game, besides the paycheck, is that there are many perks that come with being a juror.

Derek Xiao Power of Veto Ceremony

One of those perks is a possible second chance at the game. There could very well be a Big Brother 23 Battleback competition for jurors, so that’s one motivation to make it to the jury segment. The jury segment is also when players start to make the ruthless moves that could help propel their game, secure their victory, or cost them the whole thing. We’re almost at the section of the game where things should take a dramatic turn, or better or worse. We just have to get through two more evictions.

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Big Brother 23 Episode 10 Recap: Christian’s Nominees

By: on August 1, 2021 |

We are heading into the fourth week inside the Big Brother 23 house, and we just saw our first true blindside of the season. Brent Champagne was sent home over Britini D’Angelo under the reign of Xavier Prather as Head of Household in a rather unexpected moment for Brent.

Big Brother HOH Christian

The new HOH is Christian Birkenberger, and tonight he must nominate two Big Brother 23 houseguests to the block for eviction this week. There is one thing standing in his way, and that is the last Wildcard competition. Who will win the last chance of Wildcard safety, and more importantly, will they use it? Let’s find out tonight.

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Big Brother 23 Spoilers Week 4 Power of Veto Competition Results (07/31/21)

By: on July 31, 2021 |

This could be the most exciting Big Brother 23 Power of Veto Competition yet. Everyone playing it will likely be going full force for the win. Current Head of Household Christian Birkenberger nominated Hannah Chaddha and Whitney Williams for eviction on Friday. Whitney is the target, but that can change. 

Christian and Alyssa Lopez have been swinging back and forth since this Big Brother 23 week began between targeting Hannah or Whitney. The Kings member Sarah Beth Steagall wants to get Hannah out, but other Kings member Xavier Prather wants to keep Hannah because she’s a part of the Cookout alliance. Queens members Kyland Young and Tiffany Mitchell have also been trying to keep Hannah safe.

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Big Brother 23 Spoilers: Week 4 Block Nominations (07/30/21)

By: on July 30, 2021 |

The general agreement going into this week’s Big Brother Head of Household competition was that either Alyssa Lopez and Christian Birkenberger would be the target or Whitney Williams would be the target. The Kings once again won safety, which meant that Alyssa and Christian were no longer options as players to evict this Big Brother 23 week. 

Big Brother 20 Nominations

This left a giant target on Whitney’s back, but Alyssa and Christian saw an even bigger and better target with Hannah Chaddha. Even other King member Sarah Beth Steagall was on board to get Hannah out. Xavier Prather was the only one fighting to keep Hannah safe.

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