Big Brother 23 Spoilers Week 7 Power of Veto Ceremony Results (08/23/21)

By: on August 23, 2021 |

The moment Derek Xiao didn’t play in this week’s Big Brother High Roller’s Room Competition, and then didn’t get selected to play in this week’s Big Brother 23 Power of Veto Competition, it became very clear that he would be this week’s target. Whether he stayed or left would depend on if he could successfully campaign against his close ally Claire Rehfuss. Derek X had a bit of hope to stay in the Big Brother 23 house on Thursday, when Sarah Beth originally spoke of plans to possibly target Alyssa Lopez or Xavier Prather. 

However, by Friday,  Head of Household Sarah Beth Steagall had tunnel vision on getting Derek X out this week. Now, everything has aligned in her favor. Derek X will go on the block today when Xavier uses the Power of Veto to remove himself from the block.

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Big Brother Episode 19 Recap: Is The Cookout Still Cooking?

By: on August 22, 2021 |

Sarah Beth Steagall won her first Head of Household competition meaning that her ride-or-die, Kyland Young, has control in the Big Brother 23 house for the second week in a row. This also means that the Cookout alliance remains in control as the house majority alliance. Their plans are coming together perfectly, or are they?

Tonight, SB will make her (or Kyland’s) nominations to the block for eviction this week. The latest twist inside the Big Brother house, the High Roller’s room, will also be in play this evening. The stakes couldn’t be higher for those looking to be targeted by the Cookout this week. The rewards in the High Roller’s room could be a game saver.

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Big Brother 23 Spoilers Week 7 Power of Veto Competition Results (08/21/21)

By: on August 21, 2021 |

This Big Brother 23 week is all about whether The Cookout finally loses a member or if they manage to escape the threat of this twist. So far, the Cookout may actually make it another week without losing a member. The dream of top six together continues to get closer. Now Head of Household Sarah Beth Steagall had a different plan after winning Head of Household. Kyland Young convinced her to basically just repeat his nominations with Claire Rehfuss and Derek Fraiser on the block.

However, the Chopping Block Roulette power has shaken up the game some. Alyssa Lopez played for the Chopping Block Roulette prize and won it. Sarah Beth had her take off Derek F and Xavier Prather went up in his place. If nominations stay the same, Claire will very likely go to the jury house on Thursday. If nominations change, then there may be a bigger fish to fry.

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Big Brother 23 Spoilers: Week 7 Block Nominations (08/20/21)

By: on August 20, 2021 |

Well Sarah Beth Steagall has the potential to really shake up this Big Brother 23 week with her Head of Household. She just has to hope the Chopping Block Roulette doesn’t mess up her plans. Tiffany Mitchell has  feared the day when Sarah Beth would gain control. To many’s surprise, including Tiffany, Tiffany is not even on Sarah Beth’s radar. 

Big Brother 20 Nominations

In fact, Sarah Beth revealed to Kyand Young that she wants to work with Tiffany and Claire Rehfuss. This creates a big problem in Kyland’s plan. Kyland wants to try to get Claire or Derek Xiao out this week, but Sarah Beth has a completely different target.

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Big Brother 23 Spoilers Week 7 Head Of Household Results (08/19/21)

By: on August 19, 2021 |

Kyland Young had a very chaotic Big Brother 23 Head of Household reign, so many are looking forward to a less chaotic reign, or a more chaotic reign but in a different way. We’re almost eight weeks into Big Brother 23, and we have yet to see a woman take over the Head of Household role. The women have the house majority, and with Kyland not playing this week, that means there are six women to three men playing in it, it might be time for a woman to take control.

Big Brother Week 7 HOH

Xavier Prather is likely to continue to throw Head of Household competitions, so it’s really six to two, and Derek Xiao is the only one of the men that really wants it. It also seems like Xavier is aiming the next target at Derek X, so if it looks like Derek X may win this Head of Household, Xavier may try to win it as well. Otherwise, we would assume that this week’s Head of Household competition will end with a woman winning it. This could really shake up the game.

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