Forget about who won Big Brother 15 tonight. We really didn’t actually care which of the final three HouseGuests took home the big prize. We just didn’t like any of them enough to cheer them on in the finale. What we wanted to know is who won America’s Favorite Player!

Big Brother 15 Cast 3

The overwhelming consensus inside and outside of the Big Brother 2013 house has been that Elissa Slater, former Big Brother winner Rachel Reilly’s sister, was a shoo-in to win America’s Favorite Player this season. Not only did she have the whole Brenchel army supporting her, but she also managed to be one of the least offensive, least controversial players of the whole season. Not that she didn’t say some stuff… but hey, most of the other players said a lot worse.

Granted, Elissa Slater didn’t actually play the game very well. She did get in the Mom Squad alliance with power player Helen Kim and stick with it right up until Helen was evicted. But she also almost sabotaged that same alliance several times.

Doesn’t matter though, after watching her win the Most Valuable Player vote by the public three weeks in a row — we knew she also had this one in the bag.

Yep, that’s right, Elissa Slater won America’s Favorite Player and 25k. The runner-ups in the top three were Judd and Howard.

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