Will a Big Brother Couple Be on The Amazing Race 2014 Cast?

Will there be a Big Brother showmance couple on The Amazing Race 2014 cast? That’s the rumor going around but is there any truth to it? Well, there might just be some fire behind that smoke if one of our more reliable Big Brother spoilers sources is correct. If it does happen, however, it does not appear that it will be McCrae Olson and Amanda Zuckerman who get the honor of doing a CBS reality show repeat — at least, not yet.

Amanda Zuckerman and McCrae Olson
BB15’s McCrae Olson and Amanda Zuckerman – Source: Instagram
Both Amanda and McCrae would reportedly love to go on The Amazing Race. Amanda has repeatedly stated her desire to land a spot on the race around the world series. One gossip site, CelebDirtyLaundry, actually claims CBS loves the showmance couple so much, they are already planning to add them to The Amazing Race cast. We will note here that this particular site loves to talk endlessly about what they allegedly know but rarely backs it up with any facts.

If it isn’t McCrae and Amanda who are going to be on The Amazing Race 24, which Big Brother showmance couple is going to be making an appearance? Well, according to Big Brother spoilers guru Miss Cleo — who often gives us spot on insider information — the next season of the series will actually be The Amazing Race All Stars. Two former Big Brother couples have appeared on the show previously and would be eligible: Jeff Shroeder & Jordan Lloyd, and Rachel Reilly & Brendon Villegas.

Rachel and Brendon Big Brother 12
Rachel and Brendon – Source: CBS

According to the Big Brother spoilers from Miss Cleo, the couple that will be returning will be Rachel and Brendon. No word on whether Jeff and Jordan were offered a spot or if CBS just preferred to give even more love to Rachel, who seems to have become the poster child for all things Big Brother of late.

Will you watch if Rachel and Brendon are on The Amazing Race All Stars? Or would you rather set your television on fire?

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