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Before going into tonight’s live eviction on Big Brother 13, it looked like the houseguest getting the boot was pretty much a given. Still, you never know exactly what those crazy Big Brother players are going to do and we were eager to see if everyone would vote the way they were expected to or if someone would end up going rogue.

Just in case you haven’t seen the episode yet and don’t want any Big Brother spoilers, here is your warning! If you want to know who was evicted from the house tonight, just click underneath the SPOILER warning below.

[spoiler name=”Live Eviction Results”]

Here are the votes from tonight’s live Big Brother 13 eviction:

  • Rachel: vote to evict Shelly
  • Kalia: vote to evict Brendon
  • Porsche: vote to evict Brendon
  • Adam: vote to evict Brendon
  • Jeff: vote to evict Brendon
  • Jordan: vote to evict Brendon
  • With a vote of 5 to 1, Brendon has now been evicted for the second time. This time, however, he will land in the jury house, which could potentially benefit Rachel tremendously if she can manage to somehow squeak through to the finals.

    Big Brother 13 host Julie Chen announced that next week will be a “Fast Forward” DOUBLE eviction. This should be some crazy kind of fun!


    The Head of Household competition was an endurance challenge this week, so the contest wsa not over by the time the live episode ended.  This is when it is great to have the Big Brother live feeds so you can immediately tune in and watch all the action live! We’ll bring you the results of the Head of Household competition as soon as it is over.

    Log on to the live feeds to get in on all the post-eviction drama and see the new Head of Household wheel and deal their way through the house. Check out all the action with a 3-Day Free Trial from RealNetworks SuperPass.


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