Big Brother 15 cast member Helen Kim was an early power player in the house, forming strong ties with Elissa Slater, Andy Herren and Candice Stewart. Her Mom Squad alliance wielded significant impact when it came to evictions for quite a few weeks, before she was backstabbed by one of her own closest allies.

Big Brother 15 Helen Kim

If not for Andy’s double allegiance to McCrae Olson and Amanda Zuckerman, Helen Kim might have made it quite a bit farther in the game this season. She could have possibly even been a contender for the final three. Or not. She did have a tendency to talk way, way too much and reveal things to her opponents she should have been wise enough to keep her mouth shut about.

Big Brother veteran Jeff Schroeder told Helen in her backyard interview after the finale that she “played a great game.” She said she wished she could have played it even better. Helen told Jeff that in deciding she had to win Head of Household to get Jeremy McGuire out of the house, she may have taken on too much power too early in the season. But she was afraid no one else was going to get Jeremy out before it was too late and she said that she knew when he left and his negativity was gone, “the rest of us could just play the game.”

Helen said she wasn’t “wrong” to pick Andy to be her other sidekick in the game with Elissa and she thinks she had great taste in players. She may have lost the game but she “won two great friendships” and plans to spend time with Andy and Elissa after the show. As for those racially-themed comments made about her by some of the other HouseGuests? She says comments made by Aaryn Gries in particular were “despicable” but feels Aaryn is very remorseful and there is an opportunity for her to learn from the experience.

Do you think Helen might have made it to the final three if she had chosen different allies this season?

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