After show CBS show ended last night, we quickly turned to the Live Feeds for Big Brother spoilers on who won Head of Household for week 6. We were really hoping for some kind of big shakeup in the house to give us some fresh new drama this week now that the whole Amber/Caleb thing is finally over.

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Big Brother 2014 Live Feeds – July 31 2014 (CBS)

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother 16 spoilers on alliances, strategy, competition results and more from the Live Feeds that have not yet aired on the CBS show. Please proceed at your own Big Brother 2014 spoilers risk!

When the Big Brother Live Feeds were turned back on shortly after the CBS show ended, we found out that the winners of this week’s Head of Household Competition were Donny and Nicole in a tie-breaker. Zach apparently was right on their heels but screwed up so now he’s really pissed at himself.

7:07 PM – The Live Feeds return and everyone is either celebrating or looking skittish about whether or not the new HoHs are going to put them up on the block. Hayden is obviously happy because he can be pretty sure his girl Nicole isn’t going to put him up and that Donny probably won’t either.

7:08 AM – Zach and Cody b**ch at each other over messing up questions at the HoH Competition. Zach says he looks like an idiot on TV right now because of how badly he screwed up. He says it the lowest point of the summer for him. Zach says he is going up for sure as one of Nicole’s nominations. He says Donny won’t put him up. Cody says he wouldn’t be surprised if he goes up. Zach says Donny is going to put up Frankie and Caleb.

7:10 PM – Frankie tells Nicole she needs to put up two weak players so they will lose Battle of the Block and she will stay Head of Household. He says Donny will probably want to nominate Zach and Caleb. He asks her to try to keep him safe.

7:13 PM – Zach and Hayden rehash the competition in the pantry. Zach says Hayden is safe. They wonder who will go up. Zach says Nicole will probably put up Victoria or Jocasta, or him and someone. Hayden says they both want to stay HoH so they both will want their team to lose. Frankie comes in. Frankie tells Zach and Hayden that Donny will not put Jocasta up on the block. So if Nicole puts Jocasta up, her team will lose and she will stay the HoH.

Caleb comes in, Frankie leaves, and they talk about how they were not surprised it will be a Double Eviction next week, but they are that it will still be a double HoH as well. So apparently they have been informed what is going to happen. (This is not always true, often they don’t know for sure until right before.) They talk about the Power of Veto being the most important thing this week to try to keep all the guys safe. Derrick comes in and out and the guys disperse.

Meanwhile, Donny and Nicole talk about nominations. They agree they have to hash out a strong plan. Donny wants to bring Hayden in to help them work stuff out and Nicole agrees. Donny says they have to be careful though not to be seen too much with Hayden. They agree they will not put Hayden up. Nicole says they should pretend they don’t know each other’s nominations.

7:20 PM – Jocasta is very sad that she did not win Head of Household because she really wanted to see pictures of her family and get an HoH letter from them. She’s also upset that she’s doing so badly in competitions. She cries while she is dragging her bag back into the Fire bedroom and unpacking it. Derrick comes in and tries to comfort her. Derrick says Donny will convince Nicole that she doesn’t need to be going up on the block this week.

7:30 PM – Nicole tells Zach that she has a target this week and it is not him. But she says that guys have to go up this week because it’s just been all girls so far. Zach says he expects her to put him up and that’s okay because he’ll get more air time. Nicole says she could put up Victoria and Jocasta. Zach says if she did, she would stay Head of Household because they would lose Battle of the Block. Zach says Donny wants Caleb out. He wants to know what Donny and her talked about, she doesn’t tell him. He wants to know who Nicole’s target is, she won’t tell him that either.

7:35 PM – Zach tells Caleb that he told Nicole to just put him up. He says he knows Nicole was going to do it anyway, so by volunteering he maybe is manipulating things a bit. Caleb says that he is worried that whoever the replacement nominee ends up being, it’s probably going to be one of their alliance. So they could end up with two of them against each other.

7:41 PM – Nicole tells Cody she wants to solidify an alliance with him, Derrick, and Hayden. She lies and says she isn’t sure if she will be collaborating with Donny on the Head of Household nominations. She says she thinks Donny wants Caleb out but isn’t sure. Nicole will try to protect Derrick this week and says no one is going to nominate him.

7:56 PM – Caleb tells Zach that he doesn’t care if he is nominated because he’s a ‘beast’. (A beast that has won exactly one competition.) Caleb says if he wins HoH next he will backdoor Donny and talks about how Donny is too smart. Caleb thinks Donny will put up Christine because he doesn’t like her. He mentions Amber and how she deserved what she got for biting the hand that feeds her. (In other words, not giving him mad respect and love.)

8:02 PM – Frankie tells Zach that Nicole will put up Jocasta. If Donny puts up Zach and Caleb, they will win Battle of the Block and they will be fine. If Donny puts up Victoria, Frankie says Nicole might put up Zach. Regardless, Jocasta and Victoria will both go on the block, he thinks.

8:10 PM – Nicole says she was afraid to throw the Head of Household Competition. She doesn’t feel safe with Caleb and Zach still in the game. Caleb comes through and tells her that if he is going up, he wants to know and not be lied to. She wants to get Frankie out this week and Derrick does not try to dissuade her from this idea. Nicole says that Christine is really close to Frankie and Derrick warns her not to tell Christine about the backdoor plan.

8:20 pm – Hayden tells Nicole he thinks that Donny will put up Cody. She’s like, really? He tells her that a guaranteed lose in the BoB would be putting up Jocasta and Victoria. Nicole says she is not going to put up Jocasta. He says that she will have to put Zach up.

Hayden thinks maybe she should put up Zach and Jocasta, and Donny can put up Caleb and Victoria. (Did she not just say she was not going to put up Jocasta dude?) Christine comes in and Nicole tells her she is not going to work with Donny on nominations. She says she is going to put Zach up and he told her to do it. Zach wanders in and she asks if he had won HoH, would he have put her up? He says he totally would have.

8:30 PM – Zach tells everyone that Nicole is going to nominate him. Donny tells Derrick he won’t nominate him or Frankie because he gave them his word. They talk about declining the Team America challenge and Derrick lies about throwing Donny under the bus for it in the Diary Room. Donny thinks America will respect them for not doing it and not being greedy.

Frankie comes in. Donny says he won’t put up Jocasta but if he had to vote her out that he would do that.  He says they are just friends, not working together. Derrick says Donny should put up Jocasta and Victoria. He says they would lose Battle of the Block and then Donny would stay HoH. Donny will not put up Jocasta. He wants to keep Zach for another week to be their pawn for Team America missions.

9:00 PM – Donny tells Cody he might nominate Caleb. Cody says Nicole has said she trusts Donny and likes him. Donny says he wouldn’t turn his back on either of them. Donny says people like Cody and him, but they seem to love Frankie. Cody says people are starting to get smarter about Frankie. Donny says he is not in an alliance with a Jocasta, they are just friends. Cody says he is the same way with her. He says he would look bad to his family if he nominated her but he would be fine voting her out.

9:15 PM – Donny tells Christine he might put Caleb up with Victoria, if they could get Nicole to put up Zach and Jocasta. Donny wants to know why he and Jocasta went up last week and Christine says she feels bad about that. She says it was a mistake and she was told to do that. Donny asks her not to talk about their conversation.

9:25 PM – Donny and Christine talk about nominations. She thinks the four people on the block should be Zach, Victoria, Jocasta, and Cody. She says that Caleb should be the backdoor plan.

9:40 PM – Caleb talks to Donny and says the only reason he nominated him when he was HoH was because he was the first one out of the HoH Competition. Caleb talks about how he doesn’t want to have the feeling of being backdoored. He says he understands if Donny puts him up. But he says if he doesn’t nominate him, then he promises he won’t nominate him either. And if he does get nominated and Caleb wins the PoV, he woudl use it on him. He says if he has to make a deal he will.

9:57 PM – Jocasta tells Donny she’s very proud of him. She thinks Nicole is going to nominate her for eviction. Jocasta talks about how Frankie is dangerous because he is good at competitions and he’s a good social player.

10:15 PM – Donny asks Victoria how she would feel if he put her up with Caleb. She says oh my gosh, going up on the block again would suck. Donny says if she went up with Caleb, he would totally go home against her. He says if he put Caleb up with another guy, they might win Battle of the Block. If he doesn’t put her up with Caleb, Nicole might put her up with Jocasta. Donny says he doesn’t want Victoria out, he wants Caleb out.

10:30 PM – Victoria is freaking out to Derrick about probably going up on the block. She tells him that Donny said he wanted to put her up with Caleb. Derrick says that it would be good if she went up with Caleb because he is a “f**king beast” and a great competitor. (What?) Victoria says no he is not. Derrick says Caleb almost won the comp today. Derrick says she just needs to relax and that if they do lose the Battle of the Block, no one wants Caleb here.

10:35 PM – The Head of Household room reveal takes place and everyone goes up to see Nicole and Donny’s stuff. Donny got pop tarts, a silly orange hat, overalls, Journey’s greatest hits, and a letter from his girlfriend. The letter calls Donny a bunch of silly nicknames and says everything at home is in good shape but she gets bored and lonely without him. It is a really sappy sweet letter.

Nicole gets a letter from her friend Mariah, who says she really misses her and she’s proud of her. Caleb sees Mariah’s picture and says she is hot. He holds up the picture to the camera and says he is taking her on a date when he gets out of the house. (Run, Mariah, run!) We kind of wonder why Nicole didn’t get a more personal and long letter from a family member instead of just a friend.

11:17 PM – Caleb tells Derrick and Zach that he thinks he will be one of Donny’s nominees. He also thinks Cody is going to go up. Zach says Victoria and Jocasta will go up. Caleb says they are safe though because they have the votes.

11:30 PM – Donny, Nicole, and Hayden talk. Hayden thinks Donny should put up Caleb and Victoria, and Nicole should nominate Jocasta and Zach. Hayden says that if Caleb stays on the block, then he will be the one to go. If he comes off, then Frankie can be the backdoor plan. Nicole isn’t sure about the idea of getting Frankie out. Hayden says it wouldn’t be a bad thing if it was Zach instead.

More coming soon in our next Big Brother Live Feeds report!

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