Big Brother 18 Cast Bridgette Dunning, 24, hails from Fresno, California and is a traveling ER nurse.  Unfortunately for us showmance lovers, she has a boyfriend, but luckily, there are plenty of other singles in the house.

Bridgette Dunning Big Brother 18

Bridgette Dunning of Big Brother 18. Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS

There are a few things about Bridgette Dunning than concern me in the Big Brother 18 house.  According to her CBS profile, she can be “a bit gullible and oblivious” which could easily spell trouble.  She also revealed during her “Meet the Houseguests” interview with Jeff Schroeder that she is a really bad liar.  This means she will either have to play an honest game, or at least, withhold the truth.

She is counting on the other houseguests to underestimate her since she looks young and tends to be “goofy and playful”, but she is fine with being disregarded as a threat.  However, she believes she is actually “extremely smart” and will be able to “outwit” the other houseguests.  Her goal is to first make it to the Top 10 where she would ideally be on an alliance.  She wants to be allied with someone who is going to win physical competitions, but also another alliance member who is easy to manipulate.

In order to get to the Final 2, Bridgette plans on manipulating other people in the house to always make someone else look like a bigger threat than her each week.  If she can pull it off, her speech to the jury would include all of the secret manipulation and drama she caused.

As far as her personality when it comes to getting along with others, Bridgette is generally nice and not confrontational.  However, she doesn’t like bullies, people who pick on others, or people who are condescending.  While she won’t get nasty, she will speak up and “voice her opinion with a smile”.

Bridgette copped out when answering Jeff’s famous question. When asked if she would rather win and be hated by America or lose and be loved, she responded with win and be love.  Yes, it does happen, I’d say Derrick Levasseur from Big Brother 16 might be an example, but her answer defeated the point of the question.  Sadly, I was unable to glean anything about her game play.

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