The Big Brother 19 Power of Veto competition preoccupied most of yesterday’s conversations: it was  the main event of the day. If anyone but Ramses Soto won it, it meant the end (for now?) for Cody Nickson. Big Brother 19 Head of Household Paul Abrahamian did everything possible to ensure no one fought hard for the veto. He wanted to win it and put the final nail in Cody’s game.

Big Brother 19 Ramses Soto

Ramses was the only possible opposition to his plan. Despite Paul telling him to not win the veto, no one on Paul’s side was sure that Ramses could be trusted. On Big Brother 2017, his target continues to grow.

Jason’s Target Grows

Big Brother 19 Jason Dent and Cody Nickson

Most of the Big Brother 19 players make no effort to talk to Cody and Jessica Graf. The main reason is because Jessica and Cody made themselves outcasts by spending the whole week in isolation. However, Jason Dent was one of the few players to vote with Cody and Jessica by trying to get Christmas Abbott out of the Big Brother house.

He also is a Have-Not and in a toad suit with them. Therefore, he’s forced to share a room and spend time with them. Naturally, that may mean he has to talk to Jessica and Cody from time to time. According to Paul, any socializing with Cody is a big red flag in his book.

Alex Ow warned him that the house was wary of him because he continued to talk to Cody. She said that he was ruining her game by looking suspicious with Jessica and Cody, and therefore making her look suspicious by association.

Post-Power of Veto Plans

Big Brother 19

The Power of Veto competition apparently involved math and weird distractions. It was an individual timed competition. After five hours of competing, Paul won it. This means Cody is a goner. However, Jessica may not be the player that follows him out the door next.

Ramses had a pretty good individual time, which made everyone suspicious that he was trying to win the veto. Paul’s side no longer has any trust in Ramses, and they may want to get him out before Jessica.

Following the veto, Paul had a change of heart. He decided that he wanted to keep Alex on the block, because he felt Jason might vote against Josh Martinez but he would never vote out Alex. Now it looks like the final nominees will be Cody, Alex, and Ramses.

Paul practiced his speech, which will just be a dig at Cody talking about going to war. Paul then worked on telling Jessica to not isolate herself. It seems like Paul might be trying to get a new minion, instead of targeting her like he told the rest of his group.

Other Major Events

Big Brother 19 Christmas Abbott

Christmas told Matthew Clines and Raven Walton that she had the temptation, but she didn’t share details about its powers.

Jessica and Cody figured out that Christmas has the power because they were the chosen cursed players.

Dominique Cooper did another episode of her show. This time she had Jason, Raven, and a few other guests on it.

Ramses tried to get himself out of trouble by saying he didn’t try to win the veto, but no one believed him.

Paul wants the group to be mean to Ramses for trying to win the competition.

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