We’re off to a wild start in Big Brother 20! In recent history, a house divide has never been so intense so early, but beneath the surface, there’s a lot of movement. We’ve all been glued to the Big Brother Live Feeds during this exciting first week, and the craziest part is that we’re still likely to have all sixteen houseguests for another full week. If Sam is evicted, she will use her Bonus Life.

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As with previous seasons, I’ve compiled the power rankings for the sixteen Big Brother 20 houseguests. To refresh your memory, these reflect my thoughts on everyone’s position in the house. With 16 being in the most precarious position moving forward, and 1 being in the safest, this does not reflect who has the most power, simply who is in the best spot with all the current dynamics.

Keep in mind that things are always subject to change, as we’ve seen so far this season, things shift every minute in this nut house!

Without further ado, here are the week one Big Brother 20 power rankings:

16. Swaggy C

Big Brother-Swaggy C

Without question Chris “Swaggy C’ Williams has been one of the biggest characters on the show. It’s great for television.  But not the best for his image inside the Big Brother house. Level Six wants him out, and Swaggy C is without question the biggest target for their side of the house.

He’s seen as the ringleader and on top of that, he’s in a showmance with Bayleigh Dayton– that everyone knows about. The best chances for his survival is someone from his FOUTTE alliance to win power, or if he is trending enough to win a power in the BB App Store. Otherwise, it doesn’t look great for Swaggy’s future prospects.

15. Winston

If Swaggy C is the figurehead for FOUTTE, Winston Hines is for Level Six. The other side doesn’t care for him, and they speculate that he’s a doctor. Many of them don’t care for his attitude and think that he’s  mean. Haleigh Broucher and Angie “Rockstar” Lantry in particular are not fans, and neither is the rest of FOUTTE along with Bayleigh.

I doubt Winston would be backdoor with so many targets on his side, so at least he’d have a shot at Power of Veto, if the opposing side wins power. But he’d most assuredly be a target, unless he can charm his way out of it, which we expected preseason but now I’m not quite sure.

14. Angela

Winston’s best chance to stay may be to get  FOUTTE to focus more on Angela Rummans, and have them see her as a physical threat. She doesn’t really interact with anyone from the opposite side of the house, and her attitude sort of leaves something to be desired as well. If Angela  finds herself on the block, then she may have to prove that she’s as good of a competitor as they think.

13. Faysal

Faysal Shafaat is seen as Swaggy C’s right hand man, which is not a great place to be, especially since he won this weeks Power of Veto competition. This makes him more of a threat. Bayleigh could be targeted alongside Swaggy C, but so could Faysal.

Faysal has  been mentioned as a back up target already by Level Six. I think he is likely to escape being a target if the showmance is in the spotlight, but Bayleigh is less competition threatening than Faysal, and I believe Level Six would see that too. Faysal’s showmance triangle with Kaitlyn Herman and Haleigh doesn’t help his chances of staying in the house. On the other hand,  it may help him secure the votes against one of his allies.

12. Kaitlyn

Big Brother 20-Kaitlyn Herman

I think Kaitlyn is safer than this but she is incredibly reactive and dramatic at times, and sort of is in the center of drama for FOUTTE. So you never know how that could play out. Lucky for Kaitlyn, the other side feels pretty good about her, particularly Brett Robinson and Winston, who feel like they could pull her in.

And they may not be wrong given that she’s sort of involved in this messy love triangle with Faysal and Haleigh. But I think it’s likely that there are bigger fish to fry, and she’ll be okay, as long as her alliance feels she’s still valuable to them.

11. Steve

Assuming that Steve Arienta has the votes to survive this eviction, which might be closer than he thinks, he’s sort of just there. Sure Steve has a duo with Scottie Salton, but he’s mostly being kept around because FOUTTE wants his and Scottie’s votes.

FOUTTE need the numbers. Most of them don’t particularly care for his stories, and just placate him. Steve could easily be a pawn that goes out at anytime. That said, the two sides are really at each other’s throats, and I don’t think he’ll be in the crosshairs anytime soon with his neutral position in the Big Brother house.

10. Bayleigh

Like Faysal, Bayleigh runs the risk of being too associated with Swaggy C, and could be a casualty if Swaggy C saves himself or wins any power at the BB App Store. Bayleigh is generally well-liked in there, and makes her rounds with most of them, but she’s also prone to being dramatic and turning on the water works.

Not to mention the fact that she’s really not a priority for anyone in FOUTTE, since she’s not a part of the original alliance. That said, she could fall into Kaitlyn’s spot if things go awry, but she needs to be careful with her showmance getting so much attention.

9. Tyler

Tyler Crispen shouldn’t have too much of a fall from grace, but things could get dicey if it comes out where he really stands. With Sam Bledsoe‘s power coming into play that very well could happen. Most of them still like Tyler regardless, but things change from minute to minute.

It all comes down to how he deals with settling in with everyone else, and any potential double-dealing coming to light. FOUTTE will still likely go after Winston and Angela first though.

8. Sam

Big Brother 20 Sam Bledsoe and Tyler Crispen

I realize Sam is likely to be evicted this week but with her Bonus Life power, she should be right back in there. And once Sam is, she won’t be a target for anyone. Everyone generally likes her, even if she’s not super tight with most of them.

Many of them want to keep Sam now but aren’t because of the side wars, and because it’s hard to connect with a robot. Once she’s in the house not as a robot, I imagine Sam will settle in just fine as somewhat of a floater. She should be there for awhile.

7. JC

JC Mounduix could be in a rough spot once FOUTTE knows how much he really is with the other side, but as stated for many of these people, they have bigger fish to fry. Swaggy is worried that he could win something in the App Store, and he’s mentioned targeting him for this, but I think Winston and Angela will still remain bigger targets.

His general fun-time attitude will likely keep JC out of the firing line for nominations for a bit, but soon  people will probably remember that he will be able to compete quite well in some of the endurance competitions.

6. Rachel

Rachel Swindler gets along with the other side more than most of her alliance, but her names still comes up as a potential pawn. That said, I’ve heard Faysal, Rockstar, Haleigh and others say that they like Rache, and would probably get on with her better if Angela was not there.

Rachel plays cool and calm, and really shouldn’t have anything to worry about at this early stages. She has targets on her side, in front of her.

5. Haleigh

While Haleigh has gotten a little more attention recently due to her flirting with Faysal and Tyler, I think she’ll be okay. Most if not all of them like her, and Haleigh in a good spot in her alliance, and the game.

Haleigh’s alliance intends to protect her, and she’s not even close to the top of the list of targets for Level Six. Not to mention the fact that Haleigh has some final two deals that will likely protect her for a while in the game.

4. Scottie 

Scottie is incredibly quiet and hard to read, but he is floating between both sides, yet everyone knows he’s in with Steve and FOUTTE more than the other side. Nobody is coming for Scottie unless they want to split him and Steve up, but they will not be targeted for weeks. At the rate things are going between the two sides., Scottie can just sit pretty and float along for a few weeks easily.

3. Brett

Brett is the beta to Winston’s alpha, and most of them think he’s fine. I’m not sure that the people on the other side of the house love him, but like Rachel, it’s thought of that he’d be better without Winston around.  He could end up on the block next to Winston, but he’d be okay. That’s really his only shot of being in any danger anytime soon, because he’s seen as just a bro and not as big of a threat as most of the rest of his allies.

2. Kaycee

Kaycee Clark is in the same boat as Brett where she’s not seen as big of a threat, and she also isn’t seen as cemented in as much as the others are with Level Six. Kaycee has got protection all around, with Angela, Rachel and Tyler all bigger targets and willing to protect her. Her side doesn’t have the numbers as much, but there’s really a slim to none chance of Kaycee going home anytime before jury, unless some craziness ensues.

1. Angie Rockstar

Big Brother 20-Angie Rockstar Lantry
This may come as a little bit of a surprise, but I think Angie is playing a great game. She’s like the quirky mom or aunt to most of her alliance, and they all love her. Angie has a final two with Haleigh that really could be something if they go undiscovered, along with good relationships with everyone else on their side.

Level Six does not see her as a threat, and while the bros aren’t big fans, the rest of them seem to like her just fine. Tyler and Kaycee, along with Steve and Sam feel good about her. I think she’s there for the long haul.

And that’s that for this week’s Big Brother 20 power rankings. Be sure to follow us on Twitter at @BigBroAccess for live feed and episode updates all summer long!

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