In our Monday morning Big Brother Live Feeds report, all the HouseGuests were waiting for the Power of Veto Ceremony with a mixture of eagerness and dread. Some were hoping the PoV Ceremony results would finally reveal who the Most Valuable Player was this week. All the remaining Big Brother 15 cast members were hoping they somehow didn’t end up as the third eviction nominee this week. Pretty much no one was expecting what actually happened!

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Meanwhile, two Big Brother 15 shomances continued to show signs of increasing strain between the HouseGuests involved. While Candice was miffed over Howard being “dismissive” of her and hurting her feelings, Amanda is worried because McCrae “regrets” maybe going too far with her on their date. Even so, Amanda and McCrae continue to put up a solid front, while no one can quite tell how much power Howard has over Candice — and vice-versa.

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother 2013 spoilers about game play, alliances, competition results and other information from the Big Brother Live Feeds that has not yet been shown on the CBS network show. Please click off now if you don’t want to know!

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds Report: Monday Morning, 7/22/2013

8:30 AM BBT: Jessie wants to know if you can get so stressed that you skip your period and Elissa says yes. She also says all the girls in the house will get in sync and their cycles will run together. Candice says if she was pregnant it would be immaculate conception. Elissa says it would be for her too because she hasn’t seen her husband in 30 days. Elissa says it would be funny, she could go to the Diary Room and say she is going to “self evict because I’m pregnant!”

Over in the bedroom, Candice b*itches again about Howard being dismissive and he apologizes again. She says it hurt her feelings but it’s over. Howard leaves, looking like he is thinking that women are crazy and Candice is nutso.

9:20 AM BBT: Jessie tells Candice that she is so sick of Amanda and that she is nasty and talks sh*t all the time. Candice is sick of Amanda going after Howard. They both smack talk some more about her and McCrae. Candice says they have to win Head of Household and backdoor Amanda.

10:00 AM BBT: Elissa says that she is going to announce during the Power of Veto Ceremony that whoever put her up should be scared. Judd cautions her against saying anything that might draw too much attention to herself or make people think of her as a target.

Untitled-6 copy10:25 AM BBT: Andy tells Helen that McCrae and Judd talked to him last night and they all figured out that Spencer and Howard have been making final deals with pretty much everyone. Andy says that having Candice on his side too makes Howard even more dangerous. They talk about aiming to get Kaitlin and Howard before worrying about Aaryn. Jessie joins in the conversation and they all talk about getting Kaitlin out this week. Speak of the devil and she appears. Kaitlin comes out and talk turns to the MVP. Kaitlin doesn’t think it was America’s vote this week but Andy says he totally thinks it was. Helen thinks it was too and that America put up Elissa because they are tired of her.

10:30 AM BBT: Alone with Aaryn, Jessie tells her that she has heard around the house that Aaryn should be safe from eviction this time. Jessie feeds Aaryn some lines about how she cares about her and doesn’t want her to be evicted. The house goes on lockdown for the Veto Ceremony.

11:25 AM BBT: The Big Brother Live Feeds come back on and we learn that America’s MVP replacement nomination is GinaMarie, which means that a girl will finally be going home. GinaMarie is all freaked out about being put up on the block but plays it off like she doesn’t even care. She tells Aaryn that she thinks it is a compliment that no one wants to play against her because she’s too good. She believes that it was Elissa who put her up and now the three most attractive girls are on the block. She says it’s okay, send her home because then she’ll get to see Nick. (Not.)

Untitled-7 copy11:40 AM BBT: GinaMarie tells Judd being nominated is a compliment. Judd says he needs her to stay in the game. He tells her that if she just stays chill and doesn’t say shit, she won’t have any votes against her at the eviction. GinaMarie says that if she wins Head of Household, she is going to put McCrae and Amanda up together. Judd tries to calm her and says there are bigger fish to try than the two of them. He cautions her to stay chill because he needs her to stay in the game. Kaitlin comes in and says GM shouldn’t worry because it will be either her or Aaryn going home, not GM. Judd says the house wants Aaryn out this week but Kaitlin might get a few votes against her. They crash out in the HoH bed together.

11:45 AM BBT: Amanda, McCrae and Andy all want to vote against Kaitlin but they know Elissa really wants Aaryn out. They wonder if they can sway Elissa to their way of thinking.

11:50 AM BBT: Kaitlin tells Helen that if Howard was the Most Valuable Player, he would have put Amanda up on the block so it can’t have been him. They theorize about who it could be, if it is someone inside the house. Kaitlin wants to know if Aaryn is the target in the house to be evicted this week and Helen assures her that is the case. (Although this isn’t true for everyone…)

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