Final Head of Household Round Two

For the second part of the competition, we have a giant crossword puzzle. And we do mean giant! Steve and Liz have to solve the puzzle by climbing up and down and answering the questions for the crossword.

CBS Big Brother 17 2

Steve makes a mistake by not realizing he has a letter he needs in his backpack, which may have cost him valuable time. Liz knows Steve is a smart cookie and she will have to move fast to beat him.

Steve finished in 28 minutes and 27 seconds. Vanessa, the host, reveals that Liz finished in 31 minutes and 11 seconds. Steve wins the second round of the final HoH and will be facing Vanessa in part three!

Jury Deliberation

Now we’re off to the Jury deliberation and Dr. Will Kirby is hosting. Johnny Mac shows up and tells the other Houseguests that Vanessa grabbed Liz and brainwashed her immediately, which resulted in Johnny Mac getting evicted. Austin is really pissed off at Vanessa’s manipulations and says it was very tough playing nice with Vanessa.

CBS Big Brother 17 2

The Houseguests go back and forth about Vanessa and how she fought dirty, but she has played a hell of a game. Austin talks about Vanessa swearing on the gay community, her girlfriend, etc. and then going back on those promises. Shelli says Vanessa has played the game hard and it seems she deserves to be in the final two.

As for Steve, there is a lot of debate about him as well. Johnny Mac actually says he doesn’t like the way Steve played and how he relied on Vanessa and came to him for direction. There seems to be more positive statements for Vanessa than Steve. Johnny Mac thinks Steve is a rat and Vanessa has played smart. Julia agrees with him.

CBS Big Brother 17 2

Jackie talks about how Liz is impressive getting all the way to the end. James says she should win by still being in the house. Johnny Mac says Liz rode someone all the way to the end. Austin asks literally? Johnny Mac says yes, pretty much. Meg is a cheerleader for Liz, but Becky doesn’t think Liz was much of a game player on her own.

If either Steve or Liz evicts Vanessa, does that change things? Everyone seems to think yes, it would. Austin even says he might vote for Steve over Liz if he manages to get Vanessa out.

Up next is the final round of the last Head of Household of the season!

Final Head of Household Round Three

Final Head of Household

The challenge tonight is called ‘Scales of Just Us’ and the Houseguests will have to answer questions about the Jury members. For every right answer they will get a point. The Houseguests with the most points at the end of eight rounds wins.

CBS Big Brother 17 2

  • Round One: Steve wins one point.
  • Round Two: Both wrong.
  • Round Three: Both correct.
  • Round Four: Both correct.
  • Round Five: Both correct.
  • Round Six: Both wrong.
  • Round Seven: Vanessa wins a point, both tied.
  • Round Eight: Steve wins a point, he has won! Will he stick with his plan to evict Vanessa?

CBS Big Brother 17 2

A very nervous Steve gives his very rehearsed speech, praising Vanessa and her stellar game. He says Vanessa always told him he had to make the move that would justify him as a superfan to the fans and his family. He votes to evict Vanessa. She gives him and Liz a hug and leaves rapidly as Steve apologizes! Liz hugs Steve and says thank you so much! She says she really had no idea he would take her and she’s not prepared.

CBS Big Brother 17 3

Vanessa tells Julie Chen that she never truly trusted Steve and he stabbed her in the back many times, including now. She says she doesn’t know if it was the best move for him to evict her though. She says had she won the final HoH round, she would not have taken him to the final two. Julie congratulates Vanessa on playing a great game and sends her off to join the Jury. Will Vanessa reward Steve for his boldness with her vote? Or will she go bitter and vote for a woman to win, which she’s said she wanted all season?

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