The new Big Brother 21 sheriff in town, AKA Cliff Hogg III, took a massive shot at the house majority alliance under his duties as Head of Household (HOH). Cliff was out for some good old revenge when he nominated Jackson Michie and Jack Matthews to the block for eviction this week. Can either of these two heavy hitters inside the Big Brother 21 house save themselves from the block with a Power of Veto (POV) win?

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There may be some savings grace for the two block nominees as one of their closest allies holds the Diamond POV. This power entitles the POV winner to take someone off the block and ALSO name the replacement nominee. Jack also still holds the chaos power which allows him the option to force a new pick of POV players for the week. Would Christie Murphy show her absolute loyalty to her alliance and use her power this week to help Jack or Michie? Will Jack need to play his cards and use his chaos power? Let’s find out tonight!

Week Four Block Nominee Fallout

Right off the bat, the Six Shooters discuss using Christie’s Diamond POV. She has made it very clear that she will only use it if one of her alliance members wins the POV. She doesn’t trust anyone else. In private, she isn’t completely sold on using her power this early in the game.

Bella Wang and Nick Maccarone are over the moon with Cliff’s decision. They vow to help keep Cliff safe next week when the Six Shooters come after him in revenge. Cliff appreciates the response from them and explained it was time to make a big move inside the Big Brother 21 house.

Big Brother Slop

Time for Have-Nots in the Big Brother 21 house. They must only eat slop, take cold showers, and will sleep in the Have-Not room (formerly Camp Comeback)for the entire week. As HOH, Cliff must choose four Have-Nots for the week. He chose Tommy Bracco, Kathryn Dunn, Christie and Michie. Good times in the Big Brother house!

Week Four Power of Veto Competition

Time to pick players for the POV comp. The players chosen to compete were Sam Smith, Holly Allen, and Jessica Milagros. Jack used his chaos power and forced a redraw of the POV players. The second time around the players are Kathryn, Sam, and Analyse Talavera. The gamble didn’t pay off big for Jack.

This week’s POV competition is called Take It Off. Players must sit on a watercraft and undress to their swimsuits and jump into the lake in the fastest time. The catch is there are three buttons which must be continually pressed while undressing. Let go of one button on time goes by X 10, and letting go of two buttons makes the speed increase to X 30. Let go of all three buttons and time goes by X 60. This should be fun!

Big Brother 21

The finishing times for the players were as follows:

Cliff 4:47
Analyse 9:06
Sam 11:21
Kathryn 3:25
Jack 13:10
Michie 2:59

Michie won the golden POV this week when he needed it the most. No doubt he will use the POV to take himself off the block. Michie and Jack are already banking on Christie using her diamond power so the Six Shooters can name the replacement nominee. They would pick Bella or Nick and save their alliance from a big shot this week.

Last Minute Deals Before POV

However, Christie is torn on what to do with her power. She definitely regrets telling everyone in the Big Brother 21 house that she had this special power. She starts freaking out on what she is going to do in this scenario. Christie doesn’t appreciate the pressure she is feeling from Michie about using the power. He wants her to use it so he can nominate Bella to the block, and then the Six Shooters can vote her out this week. They should have the votes if that were to happen.

Christie goes to speak directly with Cliff about the situation at hand. She asked Cliff who he would nominate if she didn’t use the power. Cliff said he was flexible, but he knows he could nominate another Six Shooter like Christie or Tommy.

Big Brother 21

Christie offered up safety for Cliff if she didn’t have to use the power and Cliff nominated Bella to the block. Cliff promised Christie safety this week right off the bat, and she promised he wouldn’t go up on her watch. Cliff isn’t sure whether or not he should take the deal or go after evicting Jack which was his original plan.

Week Four Power of Veto Ceremony

At the POV ceremony, Christie did not use her diamond power. Michie used the POV and took himself off the block. Now Cliff just needs to nominate another Six Shooter, someone like Tommy, so they can vote out Jack. This would solidify Cliff’s week as HOH and being a big, Big Brother player. Instead, Cliff folded to the pressure and nominated Bella to the block as the replacement nominee. Cliff, Cliff, Cliff.

Big Brother 21 Isabella Wang

Join us tomorrow evening, July 25 at 9 PM EST/ 8 PM CST for the live eviction vote.

Big Brother 21

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