After such an eventful Saturday, the Big Brother 21 houseguests took a more chill approach to the day. The major event was Ovi Kabir going on the block during the Power of Veto Ceremony.

Big Brother Live Feeds-Day 12

Ovi was completely taken back by it because he had no clue he was even being considered for nomination this week. Yesterday, Christie Murphy and Sam Smith devised a plan to eliminate blood from Christie’s hands.

She would pretend she had no clue that Sam was going to use the Veto to save Cliff Hogg III and that Ovi was a last minute decision. She then told Ovi that he was just a pawn.

Ovi tried not to freak out, and to let Kathryn Dunn bury her own self, but he did talk to a few people to make sure he had their votes, like Nicole Anthony.

Meanwhile, the women (lead by Jessica Milagros and Kemi Fakunle) discussed trying to keep the women together. Kemi even told Jessica that her main targets were Jack Matthews and Jackson Michie. If she had to name a third person, it would be Sam. She didn’t want to go after a girl.

Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Day 12

Kemi was even more determined to go after these men because she knew their were targeting her.

While Ovi was trying not to freak out, the daily Kat meltdowns started. Once again, she was worried she was the target.

Jack and Jackson expressed concern to Nick Maccarone that Kemi would target them. He told them that he felt he convince her not to do it. Ovi continued his campaigning throughout the night, and tried to get reassurance of his safety from players like Jack. Of course most of the house didn’t want to create waves so they told him that he would be safe.

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