Shelli gives a birthday shoutout to Jason and a shoutout to her family and to Clay. To everyone else, she says let’s get down to the brass tax. She says they are kicking each other out in this game, but at the end of the day, she loves all of them. She hopes she will get a chance to come back in the game.

Big Brother 17 Double Eviction (1)

Vanessa talks about how ten years ago when she was in law school and trying to figure out what she wanted to do with her life, she wrote some words that she has always followed. It’s a long quote about not knowing where she is going and how she hopes to hell she never gets there. She says she hopes they will keep her, because she’s not ready to get off this ride.

First Eviction Live Vote:

  • Austin votes to evict: Shelli
  • Steve votes to evict: Shelli
  • James votes to evict: Shelli
  • Meg votes to evict: Shelli
  • Jackie votes to evict: Shelli (Shelli is out)
  • Julia votes to evict: Shelli
  • John votes to evict: Shelli
  • Liz votes to evict: Shelli

Shelli has been evicted and will be the first member of the Jury. She hugs everyone all around before walking out the door. Steve hugs her very hard, so does Vanessa. Becky says they all love her and everyone loudly applauds her exit.

Huge cheers and clapping for Shelli as she exits to meet Julie. The rest of the Houseguests gather around to watch Shelli’s pic fade to gray.

Big Brother 17 Double Eviction (1)

Shelli tells Julie that Vanessa is a good player, and when someone says you are safe on Big Brother, that probably means you are going out the door. She thinks James and Vanessa had a lot to do with it. She feels a bit betrayed by Vanessa and she was told Vanessa was a big part of trying to get Vanessa out.

Julie calls out that Shelli is ten years older than Clay. She asks if Shelli feels any regret over putting a big target on the block by getting into a showmance so quickly. Shelli says she intended to get close with one person, whether a showmance or a best friend. Julie asks if Shelli loves Clay, she blushes and says they aren’t in the real world yet! Julie says she asked Clay the same question, but won’t say what he said.

Big Brother 17 Double Eviction (1)

If Shelli goes back in the house, she says she would ride with Steve and Johnny Mac. She says she and Clay were close to them from the beginning. She says where she stands now, she would be with them as the loners in the middle.

Earlier today, the Houseguests were given video loops of themselves on the Memory Wall to memorize for the first Head of Household Competition tonight. The comp is called “Getting Loopy” and they have to answer true or false statements based on the video loops.

Big Brother 17 Double Eviction (1)

Head of Household Competition 1

  • Round 1: False – all are right
  • Round 2: False – James, Meg, Jackie, & Liz are out
  • Round 3: False – all are right
  • Round 4: False – Julia & Vanessa are out
  • Round 5: True – all are right
  • Round 6: True – Steve wins, Austin & John are out

Steve is the new HoH! Which is kind of funny because he had said at one point he wanted to throw this competition so he didn’t have to make decisions. Now he has only a few minutes to choose the two Eviction Nominees before the Power of Veto Competition takes place.

 Eviction Nomination Ceremony

Steve says that he loves everyone, this is nothing person, this is a game. He announces Meg and Jackie as the nominees. But they still have one chance to save themselves.

Big Brother 17 Double Eviction (1)

We are left with our jaws hanging open because everyone knows that Steve HATES Becky! Is he putting that aside and playing a deeper game, or is he hoping for a Becky backdoor?

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