Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Jessie Out For Helen’s Blood!

With this week’s Big Brother 15 eviction only a few days away, tension has been rising fast inside the house. After a relatively unexciting weekend, drama exploded out all over on Monday as Big Brother 15 cast member Jessie Kowalski went after Helen Kim like a bat out of hell! It’s catfight heaven on BB15 right now and we have all the fab Big Brother spoilers on the smack downs for you right here!

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Jessie has been pissed off at Helen big time for not being willing to go after Amanda Zuckerman and split up her showmance with McCrae Olson. So far this season, Jessie has primarily been content with stirring up minor trouble in the background with her waffling voting loyalty and tentative backdooring campaigns. Now that she is facing possible eviction this week, however, Jessie has gone full-tilt crazy pants.

SPOILER ALERT: The following post contains Big Brother 15 spoilers on game play, competition results, strategy and more that has not yet been aired on the CBS network show. Proceed with caution!

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Jessie Tries to Take Helen Down

The Jessie versus Helen drama really got going on Monday night around 10:50 PM. Jessie is on the block this week and right now, it looks pretty firm that she will be the one evicted on Thursday. Although the house majority tried to keep Jessie in the dark about this for another blindside eviction, that’s pretty much all shot to hell now.

To try to save her own skin this week, Jessie worked hard to campaign for an Amanda backdoor before the Power of Veto Ceremony. In particular, she went after Helen hardcore as a linchpin vote to get the house to flip against Amanda. This isn’t the first time Jessie has tried to get Amanda backdoored with Helen’s help. Unfortunately for Jessie, HoH and PoV winner Andy decided not to use the PoV and left Jessie and Spencer on the block for this week’s live eviction.

Although we think backdooring Amanda would have been the best move for EVERYONE in the house except perhaps McCrae, Helen wasn’t going to go against “the house” as it currently stands or piss off two of the people she thinks are her main allies. What she was going to do, however, is promptly go and tattletale about Jessie once again trying to flip the house. Last week, she did the same thing, telling pretty much everyone how Jessie tried to get Amanda voted out, including Aaryn. (While all the time making herself sound innocent, like she never considered the idea — which she strongly did, even discussing it with Andy.)

When Andy didn’t use the PoV to save her, Jessie started to get worried. When she overheard McCrae, Amanda, Helen and Aaryn all talking together about her and the “evict Amanda” plan, she knew she was pretty much doomed. She decided Helen was the primary reason behind her downfall and she was going to try to take Helen down with her if she couldn’t save herself.

8-13-2013 01-40-21 PMOn Monday night, Jessie pulled Helen down to play pool but it was, in fact, a ruse to confront Helen about spilling the beans to Aaryn about her plan to oust Amanda last week. Helen told Jessie that it wasn’t a secret and everyone knew she was trying to get Amanda evicted. She actually pins blame on Judd for spreading it around (yet another nasty slur on Judd he didn’t deserve). The two of them get quite pissy with each other before Helen pretty much leaves in a huff.

Helen, naturally ran right over to Andy, McCrae and Amanda to gush about the fight. Jessie doesn’t waste any time either and as soon as she can get McCrae alone, she tells him her version of the whole “evict Amanda” plan and features Helen as a key player.

Whenever she can grab an ear, Jessie goes all out in saying that Helen and Elissa were willing to evict Amanda and that Elissa even suggested that Jessie should seduce Judd for his vote. (All true.) She also tells GinaMarie that Aaryn has been trash talking her to other people and saying how she is having a negative impact on Aaryn’s game play. This led to Aaryn and GinaMarie getting into their own b*tch fight and actually chest-bumping — a very short step away from a violence-themed self-eviction ala Willie Hantz last year!

Jessie also went after Elissa, insulting her and asking her how her family was going to think of her with all her lies. The bad blood between Jessie and the house kept flowing all night, with another nasty little spat in the bathroom between Helen and Jessie at about 11:20 PM BBT. The two go at it again in front of Amanda and Elissa, with Helen snarking out nastily that Jessie is “leaving Thursday” so nyah nyah nyah.

8-12-2013 at 12-44-AMJessie stalks Helen up to the Head of Household room, where Helen has gone to chatter more about the fighting. Jessie tries to get Andy on her side with her story of how Helen was totally on board with Getting out Amanda and then chickened out. Andy won’t go there though and says Helen wasn’t ever really being serious about discussing getting Amanda evicted. Helen exits and Jessie keeps trying to whack Andy over the head but he isn’t having it.

Fast forward again to 12:40 AM and Jessie and Helen are at the chess board talking (and then sort of yelling) about the whole evict Amanda plan again. Jessie is still going after her for telling people and pretending like she wasn’t ever really on board with it. She tells Helen she will go to McCrae and Amanda and tell them everything about Helen she knows. Helen is like, fine, go right ahead. They keep going around and around.

8-12-2013 at 1-34-AMMeanwhile, McCrae and Amanda are listening in to the catfight, which is so loud it is hard NOT to hear it. This is not so good for Helen, who is kind of saying stuff that makes her look more involved in a possible plot to get Amanda out than she is admitting to her allies. Elissa comes in to talk to the two of them and interrupt the eavesdropping.

We don’t think any of this is going to result in Jessie being able to save herself from eviction on Thursday night. However, her attacks against Helen, Elissa and GinaMarie might just swing McCrae, Amanda, Andy and Aaryn against them and shake up who ends up as the target next week. We’ll just have to wait and see!


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