Big Brother 18 cast member Bronte D’Acquisto, 26, hails from San Diego, California and is a student aspiring to be a mathematician — according to her CBS profile. She also happens to be a model and actress as well, but CBS seems to have ignored that in her description. She is coming into the game with blinders on having only seen Big Brother 16 and half of Big Brother 17.

Bronte D'Acquisto Big Brother 18

Bronte D’Acquisto of Big Brother 18. Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS

Bronte D’Acquisto is a “numbers girl” working on her second degree, when she’s not doing modeling shoots or appearing in Super Bowl commercials.  She plans to use math and science as her strategy to win the game.  One example of this was mentioned when Jeff Schroeder asked her about showmances in her “Meet the Houseguests” interview.  She did reveal that she was single, but would not be entering into any showmances.  Based on odds and statistics, being in a showmance puts an automatic target on your back. Instead of worrying about finding romance herself, she is going to try to set up showmances among other houseguests to create bigger targets on them.

Bronte also plans on using behavioral science when developing her game.  There are certain ways to phrase things in order to get people to say “yes” to you.  The main problem here is the outliers, who don’t fall within the “normal range”.  In this case, that would be very logical players such as Derrick Levasseur from Big Brother 16 and Vanessa Rousso from Big Brother 17.  These logical players, that won’t fit in her plan, need to be evicted.  However, she obviously considers herself a very logical player since her CBS profile indicates that she wants to be “the girl-version of Derrick!”.

Due to her education goals (attaining a doctorate degree), Bronte is hungry for the money.  So much so that she would rather “win and be hated by America” than “lost and be loved by America”.  She was very confident in her choice and backed it up with the following: “I have great friends.  I have a loving family.  What I don’t have is half a million dollars”.  She revealed earlier in the interview that she “would stop at nothing” to win.

Some of us may not love her voice or get annoyed when she doesn’t know the answer to “nine times nine”, but one thing is true.  Bronte is bringing a different type of strategy to this game and it should be fun to watch.

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