Sundays are supposed to be a day of rest, especially in the Big Brother house, even more so when we’re down to the final four players, and not much gaming has been happening in the last few seasons. Well, things are a little different this week in the Big Brother 21 house. Jackson Michie felt compelled to tell Nicole Anthony that he was going to have to break their new set of agreements and deals. Finally, Jackson and Holly Allen dropped the bomb on Nicole, who of course didn’t take it well.

Holly and Jackson spent quite a bit of time explaining to Nicole their reasoning behind breaking the new deals. Basically, Jackson and Holly felt like Cliff Hogg III and Nicole pressured them into the new deals after they forced Holly to beg for her life in the game, which shouldn’t have even been a question because of their original final four deal (according to Jackson and Holly).

Nicole said she understood that and expected this move. What Nicole didn’t appreciate was that Jackson and Holly were trying to make it seem like Cliff and her were the villains who broke their words, and Holly and Jackson were the victims constantly being betrayed by people they trusted. Nicole would rather that Jackson not make this speech about deals, honor, and loyalty, which she felt was too dramatic. According to Nicole, it would be good TV but not something necessary to do to Cliff. Nicole just wanted Jackson to be straightforward and say that Holly is his girl, so of course he was taking her to the finals, especially since she has been loyal to him longer. Nicole could understand and respect that type of honesty. She didn’t like all this song and pony show that Jackson was putting on to make himself look better.

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Nicole also didn’t appreciate Holly and Jackson trying to preach to her about making deals and words, especially because if they were so mad at Nicole and Cliff for breaking their word, then why would they make a whole new agreement that they knew they wouldn’t honor? Nicole also felt guilty for Cliff taking the bullet for her actions. When Nicole left the room, Holly and Jackson agreed that Cliff was only being voted out because they couldn’t take out Nicole this week.

Nicole just wanted to be alone, but Jackson insisted on giving her a pep talk about how she was wonderful and deserved to win just as much as anyone. He was honored to be in the final three with her. Nicole just didn’t want the smoke they were trying to blow her away. They also told Nicole that they were going to wait to break the news to Cliff during the Veto. Nicole didn’t like that all and asked that they just tell him now, so she went ahead and did it herself. Before that, Nicole mentioned that she didn’t want to be in the house alone with Jackson and Holly, because they would be lonely. She would feel isolated because they would always want to be together. If they final three wasn’t a couple and another person, then they dynamic would be a lot different. There would be a lot more interaction.

After Cliff got the news, he took it fairly well. He said it was a game and her understood. After letting Nicole vent, Cliff went to talk to Jackson himself. And he more or less, gave Cliff the same speech. Cliff said he understood and still respected him as a person and on a game level. He wasn’t happy about the outcome but he understood.

The irony of this bombshell day is that Nicole started it so grateful to be in the house and even spoke to the cameras about how she loved each player individually. And even after all of this, she still said she loved them all on a personal level. She was just frustrated and tired of it all.

Nicole also mentioned regretting not keeping Tommy because she knew this would happen but you can’t live your life with regrets. She stands by her game decisions and just needs to fight. Cliff mentioned how he would advocate for a Nicole win with the jury and make sure they know how Jackson played dirty.

Poptv gave them a giant game of Jenga to enjoy. Holly and Jackson also studied and discussed if they should fight it out in part one of the final HOH or let Holly win so that he can face off against Nicole in part two. They didn’t reach a conclusion. Also Nicole discussed taking Holly to the final two because she had a better shot against her than Jackson, and because of how Jackson broke his word. Cliff and her also discussed if Holly did enough to win and if she could win against Jackson.

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