All of the Big Brother 21 houseguests really wanted to play in this Veto competition, and no not to ensure their own safety, but to win a trip to Fiji. And honestly, we can’t blame them. Sam Smith was the lucky Fiji trip winner. This is the second week in a row that Sam won the Veto, and won one that he definitely did not need to win.

Sam might slowly be becoming a comp beast or Veto king. Last week, there was a plan in motion to backdoor Kemi Fakunle, so Head of Household Christie Murphy needed Sam to use it to ensure the backdoor plan worked. Closer to the Veto ceremony, she changed her mind.

She didn’t want to backdoor Kemi, but Sam wanted to use the Veto to save Cliff Hogg III. The two discussed it, and they decided it was best to backdoor Ovi Kabir that week. Now with the returning campers twist, backdooring anyone in the next couple of weeks is very risky. Additionally, Head of Household Jack Matthews would prefer if his nominations stayed the same. He has two of his biggest targets on the block right now.

Also Nick Maccarone is Sam’s close ally, and Nick and Jack have been having some conflict over Analyse Talavera, which makes Nick worry about whether he could get backdoored this week. Sam wouldn’t use the Veto and risk losing his friend and ally Nick. Jessica Milagros and Kemi both made attempts to get Sam to use it on them, but they both knew that there was no way he would save them with the Veto.

They would both have to campaign hard to stay out of the returning campers’ isolation.


Sam did not use the Veto. Either Kemi or Jess will join David and Ovi in Camp Comeback on Thursday. 

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