In the final Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds before they went dark for the end of the season, newbie player Paul Abrahamian warned veteran player Nicole Franzel that if she betrays their Final Two deal — he will refused to vote for her to win.

Big Brother 18's Nicole Franzel and Paul Abrahamian (CBS)

Big Brother 18’s Nicole Franzel and Paul Abrahamian (CBS)

This threat comes on the heels of Nicole secretly whispering to the Big Brother Live Feeds viewers that she is very much considering going back on that deal and taking fellow veteran James Huling to the final two if she gets the chance.

Nicole Franzel and Paul Abrahamian have been acting like the best of buddies, both guaranteeing each other that they locked into a Final Two deal season 18. If Paul wins the final round of the last Head of Household Competition, he has promised Nicole he will take her to the end, and vice-versa. However, Nicole has revealed in secret camera talk to the Live Feeds watchers that she has serious doubts about her ability to win in the Final Two against Paul.

On Tuesday, around 5:30 PM BBT in the Lounge, Nicole told the viewers that while she would have stuck with her “ride or die” Corey Brooks until the end, she’s not feeling this Final Two deal with Paul may be the best game decision. (It’s not!) In counting up her possible Jury votes, she thinks it’s not looking so good for her in that scenario.

A bit later, Nicole once again camera talks again from her bed, saying that she does not believe she can beat Paul if she is in front of the Jury with him. In fact, she says she’d vote for him over herself if she was a Jury member! She whispers that “he” (we are assuming Paul from the context) is “not dumb” and surely must know she wouldn’t take him, and she doesn’t think he would really take her to the end either, so she doesn’t know why she’s feeling guilty about it.


No, Paul is not dumb, and he totally must know that it would be a better game move for Nicole to take James to the Final Two if she wins the last phase of the final Head of Household Competition. Which is why he finally just got very direct with Nicole last night just after 9:20 PM BBT. After joking about making a ‘blood pact’ on their Final Two deal, Paul gets down to a nitty gritty discussion about how he would feel about Nicole betraying him and taking James to the end instead, and that it would result in her losing his Jury vote.

“If you just straight up screw me over like that you would probably never hear from me again in my life. Out of straight up just you are not a respectable player in my opinion,” Paul said. He went on to say that if he were to betray Nicole by taking James instead of her, then he certainly would not expect her to vote for him in the Jury because that would be stupid. Basically, pretty much making it clear that if she betrays him that way, he won’t be “stupid” and vote for her after he turned on her.


In counting her votes repeatedly over the past few days, Nicole feels like she may need Paul and Victor to vote for her if she is going to win over James. There is a good chance that Paul and Victor might vote against her if she betrays Paul in the end by lying to him and then not taking him to the Final Two. Even though, really, it would be the best game move for Nicole as she is far more likely to win over James than Paul with most of the rest of the Jury votes.

If Paul and Victor did vote against Nicole, it would be a nasty and bitter Jury move that didn’t reflect who had the better game play between James and Nicole, especially in the end. Even so, in a match up between James and Nicole, we’d still have to give it to Nicole, because James really did very little of anything all season long to earn the win for himself.

That’s it for our Big Brother Live Feeds coverage for season 18. But don’t forget! Big Brother Over The Top kicks off on CBS All Access and the Live Feeds next Wednesday!

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