With still no evidence of Showmances on the CBS Big Brother 18 TV show, casual viewers are probably wondering what’s going on inside the house. Almost every season throughout series history has had some form of Showmance or even Fauxmance. But to those that don’t watch the Big Brother Live Feeds, casual viewers have no idea that romances are in fact simmering inside the house.

Big Brother 18 Showmances

Natalie Negrotti and James Huling spend some time in bed. (CBS)

As discussed before, Natalie Negrotti’s failed showmance with fellow houseguest Victor Arroyo has left her potentially open for romance with another houseguest, maybe even veteran James Huling? Since her breakup with Victor, James and Natalie have grown even closer in the house. Although there is no ‘official’ showmance happening at this point, the two have shared loads of flanter (flirting/banter) while spending time together in the Big Brother house.

For example, last night on the Live Feeds, James and Natalie spent the evening lying in bed and talking about life. At one point, James mentioned that Natalie’s lips looked very luscious, causing Natalie to crack up into a fit of giggles. “I can’t stop staring at your lips,” he laughed.

Another night on the Big Brother Live Feeds, while lying in bed, James and Natalie admitted to each other that they felt safe together. “I feel safe with you,” Natalie smiled. “I feel same with you!” James agreed. While some fans think this is all strategy on Natalie’s end to use James as a shield, others believe it’s actually genuine. Natalie has often reiterated that her type is someone like James. She even admitted to her fellow Spy Girls that when watching Big Brother 17, she had a crush on him in his season.

Big Brother 18 Showmances 1

But even if nothing solid ever comes out of their flirting, perhaps we’ll see James and Natalie on another CBS reality show. While chilling in the bathroom, Natalie and James discussed the idea about competing on the Emmy award winning show. “We’d be the best friggin’ team! We’d crush The Amazing Race!” Natalie exclaimed excitedly.

Meanwhile, another potential showmance in the house is between Corey Brooks and Nicole Franzel. Nicole has made it clear over and over again that she has no intention of forming a showmance again while playing Big Brother, but fans are starting to wonder whether or not that’s entirely true. Nicole and Corey have had a lot of banter between them, joking around, flirting, and even getting into prank wars.

At the end of the day, out of all the other houseguests, Nicole seems to confide and trust Corey the most. It seems that Corey has become a true confidant in the house for Nicole and even she’s confessed that he’s the only one she trusts. Plus, they do seem to be getting quite cuddly and touchy feely with each other as well. So will Corey end up being her true ride or die till the end of the game? Frank Eudy would like to see the two of them hook up, as he thinks it would be good for him strategically and he’s been pushing at it a bit. Nicole has admitted her attraction to Corey, but says she won’t go there and he’s “too cute” for her.

Big Brother 18 Showmances 2

Nicole has made final two deals with almost everyone in the house, but recently Nicole admitted to Corey that she not trust either Frank Eudy or Da’Vonne Rogers. (Both of which she made final two’s with). Out of both of them, Corey has made it seem like he more of an interesting of forming a stronger relationship, whereas some fans believe Nicole would only use Corey as a shield in the house. Either way, not many viewers seem to ultimately care for Corey and Nicole getting together, especially after his notorious “Goat Story.”

On the other side of the house, things have seemed to chilled with Paul Abrahamian and Bronte D’Aquisto. Nothing more substantial has bloomed between the two than a brief kiss, cuddling and petting, but Paul has still tried to showcase his knight in shining armor side by proclaiming that he’d punch anyone in the face that made her cry. How romantic. Bronte on the other hand, seems to have recognized that having Paul around as another number is good for her side along with the fact that he is a bigger target out in front.

Big Brother 18 Showmances 3

And finally, Paulie Calafiore and Zakiyah Everette’s flirtmance continues to grow strong. The two are often seen cuddling, hugging, touching, and sleeping in the same bed together. Unfortunately for them, Da’Vonne still holds onto her gut instinct that Paulie is not to be trusted. Early on in the game, Zakiyah and Da’Vonne struck up a strong friendship and formed a ride or die alliance together, swearing to go to the end. But ever since Zakiyah got cozy with Paulie, Da’Vonne has continued to grow paranoid that Paulie may distract and even break her bond with Zakiyah. Ultimately, Da’Vonne has made no bones to her fellow Fatal Five alliance that she will have no remorse for breaking up Paulie and Zakiyah in order to get Zakiyah’s attention again.

Big Brother 18 Showmances 5

Zakiyah and Paulie aren’t clueless about their closeness possibly causing problems for their game play. Although they can’t seem to stop cuddling and touching (and have admitted they are a ‘thing’), they have verbally agreed not to have a ‘showmance’ until after Jury begins to reduce the targets on their back. For now they will keep it ‘low key’ and act like there’s nothing much going on there to the other houseguests. Not sure if that will actually happen or if it will really do any good, as half the house are pretty convinced they are ‘showmancing’ already — and if they ‘cool off’ it’s likely it will be seen as a strategy play.

There was some tension going on between them yesterday and last night over Paulie finding out about the Eight Pack alliance from Frank that he wasn’t included in. But by the wee hours of the morning, Paulie and Zakiyah seemed tighter than ever, with Paulie basically spilling everything about game play to her, including how he’s been working with Corey from the start and that he’s on board with working to get out his ‘ally’ Frank.

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