After Head of Household (HOH) Tommy Bracco saved Christie Murphy with a Power of Veto (POV) win, either Cliff Hogg III or Kathryn Dunn will be evicted tonight on Big Brother 21. As you may recall, Christie was a third nominee to the block after losing the latest Big Brother twist, America’s Field Trip. The house seemed anxious to take advantage of the opportunity to evict Christie, but Tommy pulled out the save with the POV win…saving both of their Big Brother games.

Big Brother 21

Once again, the “other” side of the house will have a member sent packing this evening as both are members of the same alliance, Cliff’s Angels. More than likely, Kat will be evicted this evening as Tommy named her his target this week. But, this is Big Brother, and anything can happen before an eviction vote.

Week Seven Power of Veto Fallout

Now Cliff or Kat will be joining Jack Matthews in the jury house this week. Cliff is hell bound on making sure it is not him with the walking papers this week. He knows that Kat has a knack for getting out of tough eviction votes as she has done in the past in the Big Brother 21 house.

Nick Maccarone, Analyse Talavera, Christie and Tommy talk about considering a six person deal to include Cliff and Nicole Anthony going forward. Nick approaches Cliff and mentions that he (N) feels as though Kat is still working with Jackson Michie and Holly Allen. Cliff tends to agree about Kat. Nick proposes to Cliff the idea of a six-person deal including Nick, Sis, Christie, Tommy, Cliff, and Nicole. Cliff tells Nick he would be down with that in a heartbeat.

Next, Nick approached Nicole about the new 6 person deal. He reminds her that she is the swing vote in the eviction this week. She will essentially decide who stays and who goes home. Nicole is noncommittal until she digests all the info Nick shared with her about the game and the new deal.

Last Minute Deals

Nicole doesn’t like the fact that Jessica Milagros is not included in the new 6 person deal. Jessica is a member of Cliff’s Angels. Nicole goes to Jessica and spills the beans about the new deal proposed to her (N). Jessica does not take the info well and is tired of being last man on the totem pole. She goes straight to Kat with the info about Cliff.

Big Brother 21

Kat approached Cliff, and Cliff defends his actions by telling Kat he did what he had to do to stay in the game. On the other side of the house, Jessica goes to Holly to give her the goods on the new 6 person deal. Holly, of course, shares the info with Jackson. Now everyone in the Big Brother 21 house knows about the new 6 person deal with Cliff and Nicole.

Nicole now has to chose whether or not to move forward in the game with Cliff, Tommy, Christie, Sis, and Nick or Kat, Jessica, Holly, and Michie. The fork is clearly in the middle of the road for Nicole, and she will decide which way the entire game moves forward from here on.

Week Seven Live Eviction Results

Nick Votes To Evict Kat
Christie Votes To Evict Kat
Sis Votes To Evict Kat
Nicole Votes To Evict Kat
Jessica Votes To Evict Cliff
Holly Votes To Evict Kat
Michie Votes To Evict Kat

Big Brother 21

By a vote of 6 to 1, Kat is evicted from the Big Brother 21 house. During her exit interview with Julie Chen Moonves, Kat confesses that she is loyal to a fault. She confronted Cliff about his new deal because she vowed her loyalty to Cliff’s Angels, and she wanted to know why he wasn’t doing the same. Kat knows she was lied to by everyone in the house, but she still appreciated Jessica’s friendship the most. Kat also briefly admitted she and Holly knew one another outside of the house…hmmmm.

Week Eight Head of Household Competition

This week’s HOH competition is an endurance competition called Aug-Toberfest. The comp is the infamous slip-n-slide comp in the game. This version has the houseguests transferring beer down their slippery lanes from a beer mug into giant stein at the other end. The first houseguest that can fill their stein enough to remove the ping-pong ball wins the HOH for week eight.

From the start, Nick and Michie seem to be doing the best in this slippery competition. This one will be a while. To watch the remainder of the competition on the live feeds, click HERE.

Big Brother 21

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Big Brother 21

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