It was an emotional week for the Love Island USA 2019 contestants as they had to say goodbye to a few of the original singles. There was plenty of tears to shed as the couples and singles have become attached to one another in their long week together. It was also a week full of surprises as not one, but three new singles moved into the villa, including a familiar Big Brother face.

Miss last night’s episode? Or any Love Island from this week? Well sit back and enjoy our Love Island 2019 week 2 recap.


The episode right where last week’s recoupling ceremony left off. Caro Viehweg and Cormac Murphy discuss the reasons behind Caro picking him over Michael Yi. Caro says that she just sees more romantic potential with Cormac than with Michael. However, later she tells Cormac and Weston Richey that she’s worried that Cormac will dump her the minute he gets another option. Weston points out that the only reason that Cormac isn’t pursuing her romantically because she told him that she wasn’t interested. In her direct to camera confessional, Caro says that she still wants to get to know Weston as well, to see if they have potential. While cuddling, Cormac and Caro share their first kiss.

There is a lot of kissing going around as everyone, minus Weston and Mallory Santic, seem settled and happy with their coupling situation. Weston and the guys decide to prank the women by saying Weston got a text that says he is getting a date with new girls as part of his birthday present. Mallory insists that she only sees Weston as a friend, but she hits panic mode when she thinks he might be getting other options.

The guys reveal that it’s a joke, but it won’t be for long…

Yamen Sanders and Alana Morrison discuss their relationship and share another kiss. This time, Yamen tells everyone that he actually liked it. He thought Alana was trying too hard at first, but now they’ve settled more into a grove. He thinks that he’s starting to like her.

The couples play another game, but this time it has a prize and purpose. For this game, the men have to instruct the blindfolded women on what to do and where to go. The team that finishes a series of tasks the fastest. wins a prize. Alexandra Stewart and Dylan Curry finish in first place, and Yamen and Alana come in last.

Dylan and Alexandra’s prize is a trip to an exclusive hideaway, which is just basically a private room. In their private room, they talk and get to know each other better. Plus lots more kissing. Love Island throws the couples a western themed party for Weston’s birthday. Everyone is enjoying themselves, but things may get awkward soon. Two new guests arrive: Christen McAllister and Katrina Dimaranan. Many of the men already seem interested, especially Weston.


It was time for us to officially meet Katrina and Christen. It was also time for the ladies of Love Island US 2019 to be a little nervous, insecure, and fearful, especially Mallory. All of the guys commented on how attractive the new ladies were, but Dylan, Zac Mirabelli, and Yamen (to some degree) expressed being content with their current coupling situation. Cormac was definitely excited to see some new pretty faces, because he wasn’t too sure about Caro and his couple possibility. Cashel Barnett said he was very happy with Kyra Green and their connection, but he wasn’t settling just yet. Weston of course was just excited to possibly find someone who saw him as more than a friend.

Love Island wasted no time causing drama by giving the new ladies a chance to go on a speed date. Katrina and Christen both said they were interested in Yamen because they saw something deeper in him than they did with the other guys. They just weren’t too sure how strong his connection was with Alana. When they talked to the other singles, they also said that Yamen was hard to read. After their speed dates, Katrina was interested in Yamen and Weston, but felt a more natural connection to Weston. Christen found herself surprised by her new attraction to Cashel. Kyra was also a little surprised when Cashel told her he was still willing to talk to other people to see who he vibed with. Kyra tried to play it cool and say the same.

Christen also still felt a big draw to Yamen. The new single ladies received a text letting them pick one of the guys to couple up with for the night. This meant the current ladies they were with had to go to the private hideaway room, and they got to take their beds.

Katrina picked Weston, sending Mallory to the hideaway room, and Christen picked Yamen, sending Alana to the hideaway room.


We start right where Tuesday left off, Alana and Mallory had to sleep together without their male partners. Meanwhile, Weston and Yamen got to know Katrina and Christen better. In the morning, Mallory and Katrina talked about Weston. Katrina mentioned really liking him and their natural connection. Yamen tried to reassure Alana that he still likes her, but when talking to others, he said it just flowed better with Christen.

The men didn’t get a chance to really explore and think about who they liked better, because a new text arrived: Time for another recoupling ceremony! This time, the men pick and decide who stays and who leaves. Two women will be leaving the game at this point. Of course, Mallory, Alana, Katrina, and Christen were the most nervous. However, Kyra was also starting to worry if Cashel was really feeling their connection as much as she was feeling it. She wasn’t sure if their relationship was as strong as some of the other couples.

We had another Love Island USA game. This time, the ladies got to dress as superheroes, complete a series of obstacles, and save the men. The woman who performed the best (according to the guys) won. Before the game started, Christen and Katrina were told they get to pick the guy to save, as they were the only two not in a couple. Katrina picked Weston, and Christen picked Yamen.

Alana won the contest with the most over the top superhero performance. Then the show turned a lot more serious as the recoupling ceremony started. The first picks went as expected:

Dylan picked Alexandra

Zac picked Elizabeth Weber

Cashel picked Kyra

Cormac picked Caro

This left four ladies and two guys.

Weston surprised no one and picked Katrina over Mallory.

Yamen shocked some and picked Christen over Alana.

Mallory and Alana now had to leave the villa. Before they could go, they said their goodbyes and tears all around. But wait, it’s not over yet. Kyra receives a text requesting a date with her from a guy named Winston. Cashel starts to sweat as Kyra gets ready to meet this mysterious Winston.

Well if you’re a Big Brother fan (which of course you are), you’ll recognize this Winston as Winston Hines from Big Brother 20 and Level 6.


Winston and Kyra go on their date, though they enjoy it. It just seems to make Kyra like Cashel more, but also makes her still want to be open for new possibilities. Cashel and Kyra talk later. He admits to really liking her, but being worried that he might come off too strong. She said she likes him but yeah doesn’t want to commit too fast.

Winston receives a text letting him go on three dinner dates (one for appetizers, one for main course, and one for dessert). He picks Alexandra and Katrina for the first two parts, the ones he’s most interested in, and Caro kind of as a second thought. All the dates go well, but no one seems really into Winston. Caro and Cormac talk about her date, and she tells him there wasn’t really any sparks, but he points out that’s how she felt about him first. She agrees. Later, Cormac complains to the guys that Caro wants to go deeper with him but he doesn’t move like that, especially so fast without a physical relationship. He states that he is still looking for a girl he really connects with, but he’s worried Caro might ditch him if given the chance.

We have a long game of strip dancing. The guys go first, and then the girls. Each single is wearing a heart monitor to see whose dance raises their heart rate the most. Then, Love Island drops another bombshell. They need the viewers to vote on the couple with the best chemistry. The couple with the worse chemistry may be forced to leave the island.


Caro and Cormac talked and she shared that she actually likes him, and she is starting to have feelings for him. He then told Yamen that he’s not into her.

Make sure to subscribe to CBS: All Access to watch Big Brother 21 and Love Island USA on demand. Keep it here all summer for more Love Island recaps (if it doesn’t get cancelled) and of course Big Brother. The women suggest that Caro start giving Winston attention to test if Cormac really likes her, and so she can just be open to new possibilities.

Zac and Elizabeth discuss her sexy dance. He admits that he was surprised by it, but in a good way. At night, Yamen and Christen have a makeout session under the sheets. Christen tells the other ladies that the kiss was awkward, but Yamen tells the guys that it was really good. He says in his direct to camera that he’s really happy with Christen and focused on developing things with her.

Zac tells Yamen and Cashel that he’s thinking about asking Elizabeth to be his girlfriend. He then tells her that he can “see her being his girlfriend,” which just confuses her, but she doesn’t want to pressure him for a real commitment.

Later, Love Island announces that they’ll be playing a game where they have to transfer food by spitting in each other’s mouth. It’s called Fast Food. Everyone is already disgusted before the competition even starts. Cashel and Kyra win the food transfereing contest.

Weston is sick, so Winston acts as Katrina’s partner on the game. He later tells Elizabeth that he knows Caro is basically the one who is open to a new guy, but he likes Katrina. Elizabeth tells him to find a way to talk to her alone. After some failed attempts, they finally talk. She doesn’t show much interest.

Kyra tells the single ladies that she likes Cashel, but sometimes it’s romantic, and sometimes it’s just as friend. She said it annoys her that he talks about their life outside the villa. He’s also too chill, which makes her think that he may be a hippie, like her parents. Caro then tells the ladies that she has a crush on Weston.

Host Arielle Vandenberg comes to tell the couples about the vote. The top four compatible couples are Elizabeth and Zac, Weston and Katrina, Alexandra and Dylan, and Kyra and Cashel. The bottom two couples are Caro and Cormac, and Yamen and Christen.

The top four couples then must save a person from each couple. Between Caro and Cormac, they save Caro, and between Yamen and Christen, they save Yamen. Yamen and Christen are sad to say goodbye because they thought they were building something. Yamen tells her that he wants to continue to explore this after the show. They have a last kiss.


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