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Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 1 Highlights: A Showmance Starts to Crumble

By: on July 1, 2017 |

Yesterday was the first full day of Big Brother 19 live feeds. We already gave you a rundown of the first few hours. Now,we’re going to give you details about the entire Big Brother 19 day. It was a busy one.

Big Brother 19 Cody Nickson, Alex Ow

Unlike the usual Big Brother 19 schedule, Big Brother decided to move things up. Yesterday, we had our first power of veto competition. Megan Lowder’s early exit put Alex Ow in danger.

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Who Won Power of Veto On Big Brother Week 1? 06/30/2017

By: on June 30, 2017 |

On Thursday’s Big Brother 19 episode, Cody Nickson won the first head of household. This was his second straight competition win in only two days. Cody set his sights on targeting Paul Abrahamian, via the Big Brother backdoor. His new alliance member Mark Jansen felt targeting Paul this soon wasn’t good for anyone’s Big Brother 2017 game. However, Cody seemed set on his ways.

Big Brother 2017 Julie Chen

Big Brother 19 live feed watchers got a shock last night: Megan Lowder left the Big Brother house. It was originally believed by viewers (and houseguests) that she self-evicted. However, Megan has taken to social media to dismantle those rumors with the truth.

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Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Den of Temptations-Pendant of Protection Winner Revealed

By: on June 30, 2017 |

On Wednesday’s Big Brother 19 premiere, host Julie Chen announced that this summer was all about temptations. We saw the start of this with three of them being offered in the first Big Brother night. The temptations involved taking $25,000, Paul Abrahamian returning to the house and giving out safety, and the Big Brother 2017 players deciding their own eviction fate.

Big Brother 19 Den of Temptation Spoilers

At the end of the 2-hour broadcast, Julie also informed viewers that the temptations were just beginning. We would get to tempt a Big Brother 19 player each week. In return, a punishment would be unleashed upon the game and houseguests. During the first few hours of feeds, Ramses Soto told Jillian Parker that he had a punishment.

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Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Live Feeds Night 1 Recap: Someone Self-Evicts Before Feeds Begin!

By: on June 30, 2017 |

Big Brother 19 kicked off the first night of live feeds. A week of no feeds left most viewers scrambling to figure out what happened in the Big Brother 19 house. Apparently, a lot!

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Night 1

We missed some major Big Brother action, including a huge alliance forming, some showmances, and a self-eviction. We watched the first few hours of Big Brother 19 live feeds to gather information on all the dramatics going down in the game. Here’s our first Big Brother 19 live feeds highlights recap:  Night 1:

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Who Won Head of Household on Big Brother Last Night? 6/29/2017

By: on June 29, 2017 |

The Den of Temptation officially opened on last night’s Big Brother 19. Host Julie Chen informed viewers that they could vote on who gets enticed with the week 1 temptation. This Big Brother 19 twist involved three weeks of safety for one houseguest. This might completely throw a wrench into the new HOH’s plan.

Big Brother 19 Cody Nickson Week 1 Head of Household Competition

Tonight’s Big Brother 19 episode revealed who won the first Head of Household title. After an intense competition, he or she reigned supreme. The first HOH has a lot of power because he or she could set the tone for the season.

Read on to see who won the first Big Brother 19 Head of Household competition.

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