The Big Brother 16 spoilers may already be out about the Power of Veto results for week one, but half the fun is seeing how it all came about! It’s not just about who won the Power of Veto on Big Brother 2014, but how they won it and watching the faces of the other Houseguests when they witness the win. Often, that is one of the most fun and most priceless moments in our Big Brother recap.

Big Brother Live Feeds (CBS)

Big Brother Live Feeds (CBS)

From what we know of the Big Brother spoilers from the Power of Veto Competition and Ceremony airing tonight, we really can’t wait to see the reactions of the cast at both events. If you are too impatient to wait to find out during the show, you can go ahead and take a peek at the Big Brother 2014 spoilers for the PoV Competition and Ceremony over here. Or, strap in for the ride with us for our live Big Brother recap starting right here at 8PM ET!

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother 16 spoilers for the week one CBS Power of Veto show if you have not yet watched the show. You have been warned!

On Big Brother tonight, eviction nominees Paola and Donny will be competing against Head of Household Caleb and other selected contestants in the first Power of Veto Competition of the season. Donny in particular really needs to win this thing because he is the current target for eviction going into the challenge.

The PoV Competition tonight will be the infamous spelling challenge that nearly always renders some highly hilarious results from at least one Houseguest. We can’t wait to see how well some of the Big Brother 2014 cast members do on this one, especially considering the spelling and grammar they’ve used in some of their social media posts. (Caleb, we’re calling you out in particular on that one.)

After the PoV Competition, and plenty of scheming and plotting by the Houseguests, we’ll move on to the PoV Ceremony and learn who will be the final eviction nominees for week one. We are also hoping to see some pretty tasty drama from one particular Big Brother 16 cast member featured on the show a bit tonight. And, of course, more Frankie and Zach getting Zankie please!

Our live Big Brother 16 recap starts right here below at 8PM ET. Come hang out and watch all the action with us!

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And here we go! First off, of course, we have a mini-recap of events leading up to the Power of Veto Competition and Ceremony tonight. Including Devin ditching Donny and his Double Ds alliance, and then deciding all by himself to bring two girls into The Bomb Squad alliance.

Brittany and Victoria are celebrating winning the Battle of the Block and knocking Frankie off his throne as one of the Heads of Household for week one. Frankie says having no power means you could get backdoored and anything could happen. Caleb is delighted that his nominees are still on the block and he’s still sleeping in the penthouse.

Devin is still pretending he is tight with Donny and the Double Ds alliance. Donny is feeling bad about his loss in the Power of Veto Competition and goes to talk to Paola. He’s very emotional about the loss. She tells him that he is her best friend in the house. In Diary Room she says she feels bad because she thinks it is a lot her fault they lost in the Battle of the Block. She actually tears up a bit because she really wants to save Donny, which isn’t like her usually selfish persona at all.

Up in the Heads of Household room, Devin, Caleb, and Frankie are celebrating. However, they are worried about how good Donny was in the Veto Competition, even though Paola tanked their chances of winning. Amber joins them up in the HoH and Devin is all about how they can make it to the end together.

Then Devin goes down and talks to Donny and acts all like he’s so sad that Donny lost. Donny is crying and talks about how it touches his heart when all the young folks in the house care about him. Devin thinks Donny is just trying to play on his sympathy. In Diary Room he says he thinks Donny is a great actor and it is all BS.

Nicole is terrified of ghosts and she’s convinced there is one living in the Fire Bedroom. Christine is infected by Nicole’s fear of ghosts and they are freaked out by weird noises in the middle of the night and actually scream and run out of the room. Christine jokes in Diary Room that she wants to take Nicole to the Final 2 but if she doesn’t start getting some sleep, that might be a deal breaker.

We have some more of Donny’s fun silly sayings, like his “tall drink of water socks” and how he has no hair on his calves because of them. After Donny leaves the HoH Room, Devin and Caleb discuss the conspiracy theory that Donny is an ex soldier and way smarter than he acts. Caleb says in Diary Room that he thinks Donny is like some secret super soldier. Devin is like, maybe he’s a Navy Seal. Frankie, meanwhile, thinks Devin and Caleb are both insane.

So now Devin and Caleb are convinced that Donny is dangerous and it makes it even worse because everyone likes him.

In the middle of the night, Devin asks Donny if he is really who he says he is. Donny asks, what, like my occupation and all of that? Devin says yeah, are you who you say you are and what youv’e done. Donny says absolutely and he is totally sincere. He wants to know why Devin is asking.

Devin says people tend to hide things and this game is all about deceit and stuff. He says his heart tells him that Donny was in the military. Donny says he never has been but he always wanted to, that’s why he sometimes wears fatigues. In Diary Room, Donny is confused about what Devin is thinking. He has been in the Double Ds alliance with him from the beginning and now it seems like Devin doesn’t trust him.

In Diary Room, Devin actually seems to get emotional when he says he will feel bad if Donny turns out to be exactly who he says he is. But it comes across to us like a totally fake emotional reaction.

Fast forward and it is time for SLOP! We get a big spread of slop, including slop popsicles, spread out in the kitchen for the Have-Nots. They are all pretty disgusted by it, with comments about how it stinks and “smells like a@@.” As sole remaining Head of Household, Caleb is directed with a note to choose the first four Have-Nots of the summer.

Being a Have-Not means cold showers, only eating a very limited diet, mostly consisting of the mystery grossness that is slop, and sleeping in the cold, hard, brutal Have-Not Room. Amazingly enough, pretty much everyone volunteers to be a Have Not. Caleb decides to chooses Hayden, Brittany, Cody, and Joey.

The Houseguests finally get to see the Have-Not Room, which is basically a giant cooler with hard, plastic-encased ice beds, loud aluminum emergency blankets, and hats and ear-muffs for the Have-Nots. Because it is cold in that room!

Joey doesn’t want to give up on the El Cuatro all-girls alliance. She admits in Diary Room that it isn’t working right now, but she came into the house wanting an all-girls alliance and she wants it to work. She tries talking to Amber, Paola, Brittany, and Jocasta about there maybe being an all-guys alliance in the house. Jocasta says in Diary Room that this just isn’t going to work trying to have an alliance with seven other girls in the house.

Amber, of course, already knows there are guys working together, but it isn’t an all-guys alliance because she and Christine are in it. Joey’s talk really doesn’t get anyone on board with her idea. Amber pretty much shuts Joey down and basically walks off. Joey is very disappointed and calls it an epic fail.

Derrick is suspicious of the girls gabbing in the bathroom and goes up to tell Devin and Caleb in the HoH room that he thinks something is going on. Later, Amber goes up to the HoH and spills about the girls alliance and how she doesn’t know what Joey is thinking about. In Diary Room, Caleb says if Joey is going to stir up trouble trying to make a girls alliance, she is going to get the bomb dropped on her and be out the door.

Joey’s girls alliance is a dead idea and now she thinks everyone is acting weird around her. She decides that “transparency” is the best option and confesses to Nicole and Christine that she tried to start an all girls alliance and everyone pretty much ran away from her. The she shrugs and goes off to play chess with Devin. And then tells him too about trying to start an all girls alliance.

Devin says in Diary Room that this pretty much just proves she is the worst Big Brother player ever. She says it is not a personal attack on him or the guys. She says she is a feminist in real life and it’s a game. She says in Diary Room that regardless of what happens next, she thinks honesty was the best policy.

Time to pick players for the Power of Veto Competition. Donny and Paola will play as eviction nominees and Caleb will play as the Head of Household. For randomly picked players, Caleb draws Victoria, Paola draws Zach, and Donny draws Cody. Jocasta will be the host of the competition.

Paola is sad because she is intimidated by all the players in the competition. Caleb says in Diary Room he will eat his own hat if Donny, Victoria, or Paola beats The Bomb Squad members.

Paola cries about the results of the player draw because she thinks the nominations won’t get changed and she’ll stay on the block and be in danger of eviction. Jocasta tells her that she controls her own destiny and she just has to believe she can do it. Then she prays over her while Amber sits by with a slightly dazed expression.

Time for the Veto Competition, which is titled ‘Miami Lice’ — which is just gross. It features a giant bathtub in the backyard with a giant scrub brush and a giant head with big red hair in the water. Jocasta is dressed up like a giant pink lice bug, which may be one of the most hideous costumes ever on the show.

The Houseguests have to jump into the tub, crawl under the giant brush, and dig through the soapy hair for lice. Then they have to wipe each gooey bug to reveal a letter. When they find a letter they like, they bring it back to their lice comb to spell out a word. They may only bring back one letter at a time. Once they are confident in the word they have spelled, they ring the buzzer to lock in their answer. To win, they have to spell the longest word in the shortest amount of time.

Donny says he really has to win so he doesn’t go home. He says maybe they “think he is smarter than I let on… but I’m not.”

Zach hits his buzzer first after spelling out his word. Finally time runs out and we have the results:

Zach: Warning
Cody: Competively (misspelled)
Caleb: No word, couldn’t find a P
Victoria: No word, couldn’t find a C
Paola: Caltoru, which is not a word
Donny: Splitters (longest correct word!)

Donny wins the Power of Veto Competition!

Caleb and Frankie talk about what to do now that their target has won the Veto. They decide they will go after Joey as their new target. Unfortunately for Joey, she thinks having a sit down with them and coming clean about it all will actually save her. Sadly, CBS Big Brother fails to show Joey’s more spectacular, dramatic meltdown moments through all this. Guess they are saving their Joey feature time for the appearance of her crazy alter-ego Alex.

At the Power of Veto Ceremony, Donny uses his newly won power to take himself off the block. Caleb then announces he is going to put up Joey as the replacement nominee. He says he wants as little blood on his hands as possible and this is what the house wants to happen.

The final eviction nominees for week one are now Paola and Joey, with Joey as the main target for the majority of the house.

That’s a wrap!

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