Tonight on CBS Big Brother 18, the show will be showing us the results of the new secret Sunday competition replacing Battle of the Block this season. In real time, however, we are long past that, and already have the Big Brother spoilers for that challenge, the Power of Veto competition, and the Power of Veto Ceremony.


WARNING: This post contains Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds that have not yet been shown on the CBS TV show. Please do not proceed if you do not want spoilers!

Fans who have been watching the Live Feeds, or checking in with us on our spoilers page, already know the new special competition airing tonight on CBS took place in real time a few days ago. The new challenge is an anonymous timed competition where each houseguest competes individually. Only the winner knows they won, unless they reveal that information to the others. The winner then gets to secretly nominate a third person to put up on the eviction block.

The winner of the “Roadkill” challenge airing tonight on Big Brother 18 ended up being Frank. He then decided to put up Paul as the third nominee because he’s been campaigning so hard to get out the veterans. Paul joined Head of Household Nicole’s nominees, target Jozea, and pawn Paulie. Frank told some of his allies that he won, including Paulie to make him feel better. However, some of the other houseguests still aren’t sure who won and nominated Paul.

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As a third eviction nominee, Paul got to compete in the Power of Veto Competition along with Nicole, Jozea, Paulie, Da’Vonne, and Corey. From spoilers on the Big Brother Live Feeds, we know that Paul won the competition — and was apparently quite cocky and in your face about it.We weren’t sure who would get to nominate the replacement nominee, if there was going to be one. Turns out Frank got the power to choose the renom because he was the person who put up Paul.

Before the Power of Veto Ceremony, Frank made it clear who he was going to nominate. Apparently you can renom someone from within your own team, as he stated he was going to choose Bridgette to go up on the block. So much for that whole team solidarity thing. So far it’s still pretty much veterans vs newbies, with the veterans doing a pretty good job of ruling the house and manipulating some of the rookies to do their bidding.

At the Power of Veto Ceremony, Paul used the PoV to take himself off the block. Frank named Bridgette as the nominee, which she was expecting. Jozea is still the target, however, and Frank & his allies are trying hard to make sure his eviction will be a blindside.


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