Who was evicted on Big Brother tonight and did they have the golden Round Trip ticket to turn right around and stomp back into the house? We were really hoping that would be exactly what would happen based on the spoilers from the Live Feeds about who would be getting the boot this week.

Big Brother 18 houseguests Da’Vonne Rogers and Bridgette Dunning (Source: CBS)

Although the target for this eviction started off as Bridgette after Paul Abrahamian won Head of Household, it quickly switched to a strategy to oust veteran player Da’Vonne Rogers. Paul still really wanted Bridgette out instead, but bowed to the will of his PP ‘Friendship’ ally Paulie Calafiore and his nefarious plan to backdoor and blindside Da’Vonne.

The problem is, if Da’Vonne was voted out and then got a second chance because she held the Round Trip prize ticket from the Secret Room puzzle, that could be very bad news for the houseguests involved in getting her evicted. So Paul and Paulie, along with the other houseguests they roped into voting against Da’Vonne, might end up in the hot seat should she have the Round Trip ticket and get back in the game.

On the other side of the house, no one wanted to end up on the bad side of Paulie and Paul if Da’Vonne didn’t return by spilling the beans to her about what was going on. So while everyone in the house was sneaking around counting votes against Da’Vonne and Bridgette, not even her so-called allies were willing to tell her about the backdoor plan going on behind her back.


Time to get to the live eviction vote! They both give their brief eviction statements. Bridgette talks about how she’s on the block because she decided to partner up with Frank the Tank Eudy and she’s proven she’s loyal and would really like to stay. Da’Vonne says she was told she was put up as a pawn and hopes that will prove to be true when everyone goes to vote. Plus she gives a lot of shoutouts to God and her family.

Time for the vote!

Live Eviction Results

  • Michelle votes to evict: Bridgette
  • Zakiyah votes to evict: Bridgette
  • Paulie votes to evict: Da’Vonne
  • Nicole votes to evict: Da’Vonne
  • Natalie votes to evict: Da’Vonne
  • Corey votes to evict: Da’Vonne
  • James votes to evict: Da’Vonne
  • Victor votes to evict: Da’Vonne

The houseguest evicted in week six of Big Brother 18 is: Da’Vonne Rogers! But does she have the Round Trip ticket to go back into the house?

Julie Chen reveals the the ticket to the houseguests and the audience and… it’s a One Way Ticket. Da’Vonne will be heading off to Jury and not back into the Big Brother 18 house.

Find out who won the Head of Household Competition and will be putting up the next eviction nominees in our full recap of Thursday night’s show!


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