Who won Big Brother tonight was rather anticlimactic after a controversial season laced with some of the ugliest racism and bigotry we’ve ever seen in the history of the show. All three of the final HouseGuests left in the game were guilty of horrific hate speech against other players this season. None of them were really worth rooting for. The Big Brother 15 winner will no doubt be remembered more for how horrible their behavior was behind the scenes of the CBS show than for the game skills that got them to the finale.

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Of the final three competitors this season, Andy Herren was arguably the best game player. While many consider him to be a “floater” of the worst kind, we disagree. We think Spencer Clawson and GinaMarie Zimmerman were more true “floaters” than he was by a long shot. Other fans say they can’t stand Andy because he was a lying, backstabbing, manipulative player and betrayed everyone who put their trust in him. That we do agree with. But as much as we dislike Andy for the things that have come out of his mouth, we don’t hate him for how he played the game.

Andy wasn’t a floater. He played a very careful, if nasty, balancing act between various alliances that carried him all the way to the end. Yes, he lied, he betrayed his closest allies, he spied on his ‘friends’ and told their secrets to their ‘enemies, and he manipulated people who trusted him hardcore to get what he wanted without becoming a target. That is part of the game. Actually, that is the essence of the game. What he didn’t have to do was say absolutely appalling things behind people’s backs and treat people like trash.

We don’t like Andy in the least as a person but we respect that he played the game right up until the last minute of it. That’s why we predicted that he would probably be the one who won Big Brother 2013 at the end of the day. We thought that in the final leg of the last Head of Household Competition, he would have a slight edge over GinaMarie and take the win. We anticipated that he would also be smart enough to take Spencer with him to the final two. Given a choice between eternal floater and professional pawn Spencer and Andy, who stabbed everyone in the back eventually but never stopped playing the game hard — we thought the Jury would give the win to Andy.

9-18-2013 07-34-53 PMIn the end, everything did NOT play out exactly how we predicted it would. Andy won the final round of the Head of Household Competition. We thought that would probably happen. However, it turns out that the person he was lying to about his choice for the final two was Spencer, NOT GinaMarie! We were frankly shocked that after stabbing people in the back all season, Andy would choose take GM to the final two. We really believed he would think GM was the bigger threat and take Spencer instead.

Unfortunately for GM, the Jury’s minds were really already made up even before the final pleas. GM’s answers to the final questions didn’t help because they were terrible. In the end, the Jury votes for who they thought played the best game. Andy won by a landslide vote and pocket a half a million dollars in cold, hard cash.

Here are the votes:

Spencer voted for Andy
McCrae voted for Andy
Judd voted for GinaMarie
Elissa voted for Andy
Amanda voted for Andy
Aaryn voted for GinaMarie
Helen voted for Andy
Candice voted for Andy
Jessie voted for Andy

9-18-2013 07-58-20 PMAndy is the Big Brother 15 winner by a vote of seven to two!

Guess it doesn’t matter now that Andy doesn’t have a job to go home to. And hey, GinaMarie got 50k, which is good that she didn’t go home with a big fat nothing except a ruined reputation, a pink slip from her job as a pageant coordinator, and probably no future career ever getting back into the pageant world again. Because who wants their teenage daughters being mentored by a woman who would say such horribly nasty, cruel things about a 10-year-old child? Spencer ended up with nothing in the end, so if the railroad goes through with firing him, he’s going to leave Big Brother poorer than he went in…

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