Who got voted off Big Brother tonight only to immediately turn around and have to try to battle their way back into the house? Will we end up with a record first on the show with a houseguest possibly being evicted twice, and returning twice, in the same season?

Big Brother 18 host Julie Chen (CBS)

Big Brother 18 host Julie Chen (CBS)

If you’ve been following along on the Big Brother Live Feeds, tonight’s eviction results probably won’t come as much of a surprise. The big question was whether or not the player who was evicted on Big Brother tonight might end up coming right back into the house!

There are only three votes to go around this week on Big Brother 18 for the live eviction since Natalie Negrotti and Michelle Meyer are co-Heads of Household and can’t vote. The only vote that really counts tonight, however, is the one from veteran James Huling.

If all goes as we’ve seen playing out on the Live Feeds the past few days, Paul Abrahamian will vote against Corey Brooks, and Nicole Franzel will vote against Victor Arroyo. This leaves the vote as a tiebreaker, and James is set to vote against Victor, despite some last minute attempts at persuasion from him and Paul last night. But wait! The whole house went a bit nutsy in the last few hours before Thursday night’s show. Could it be, did it happen, that James was actually convinced to vote out Corey Brooks instead?

Big Brother 18's Victor Arroyo & Corey Brooks (CBS)

Big Brother 18’s Victor Arroyo & Corey Brooks (CBS)

Victor has already been evicted once before. He’s already battled his way back into the house once before as well. If evicted, he could have the opportunity to set a Big Brother record by possibly becoming the first houseguest ever to be evicted twice, and return twice. That’s only if, however, James did not have his mind changed (in no small part by Natalie deciding she wants Corey out instead), and Corey was evicted instead.

The Jury members (including tonight’s evictee), will join the other remaining houseguests in a classic, epic endurance challenge that will start on the CBS TV show, and then continue on the Big Brother Live Feeds. The last Jury member to hang on will return to the house, and the last person overall in the competition will become Head of Household. (So it’s possible the returning Jury member could also end up as HoH.)

Victor gave his eviction speech and said he’s been a loyal player, and he would love to stay. Corey said it’s been fun, but it hasn’t been real fun being on the block. He also says he’s been loyal and played an honest game. Let’s get to the vote!

Big Brother 18 Week 9 Live Vote:

  • Paul votes to evict: Corey
  • Nicole votes to evict: Victor
  • James votes to evict: Victor

Victor has been evicted! But he could very well be back in the house very soon! When host Julie Chen tells him he will get another chance to re-enter the game, he’s crazy excited and says he’ll do whatever he has to in order to win!


Head of Household/Jury Return Competition

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